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Sealcoating a Parking Lot: When To Schedule Sealcoating Services

Learn about the best time of the year to schedule sealcoating for a parking lot.

Keeping your parking lot well-maintained is key if you are a business owner or a property manager. One way to stay proactive with parking lot maintenance is to schedule sealcoating services every few years. Sealcoating a parking lot helps to extend its lifespan while also providing it with a fresh appearance. Hiring experienced asphalt maintenance professionals is a great way to make sure the job is done right and you are more than happy with the results.

What is the Best Time for Sealcoating Parking Lots?

The timing of sealcoating a parking lot is important. Most paving contractors will recommend late spring to early fall as the ideal period for sealcoating. Temperatures are moderate during these months, which makes it easier for the pavement sealer to quickly stick to the surface. Scheduling these services during the early fall or late spring is key to making sure your sealcoating lasts.

Why Sealcoating is Key to Parking Lot Maintenance

Sealcoating a parking lot is not just for improving its appearance. A newly sealed parking lot also helps to extend the life of your asphalt by providing an extra layer of protection against oil stains, UV rays, and high traffic. Sealcoating your pavement every three to five years is a cost-effective investment that can save a property manager or a business owner a lot of money over the long term.

Here are some common signs that it’s time to schedule parking lot sealcoating services.

Fading Color

A well-maintained asphalt pavement always has a rich black finish from the coal tar. If it starts to fade, it’s a sign that it’s time for a new sealcoat to refresh its look. Sealcoating an asphalt parking lot gives it a much newer look, and it helps to create a positive first impression for visitors.

Small Cracks

Small cracks may not seem like a big deal, but they can become much worse if not addressed. Taking care of cracks early on will prevent them from expanding and causing more severe structural issues. Repairing these damages and sealing the pavement helps keep your parking lot in excellent condition.

Water Penetration

Water is always the enemy of asphalt surfaces. If you notice water seeping into the surface, it’s a sign that sealcoating is needed to prevent further water penetration and the potential damage it could cause. On the other hand, ignoring these issues can result in the deterioration of the parking lot.

Scheduling Sealcoating Services: Planning for High Traffic Times

Trying to get your parking lot sealed can be a logistical challenge if your business has many customers. An asphalt paving contractor will work with you to determine the best time to schedule these pavement maintenance services to keep disruptions to a minimum. Typically, it’s a good idea to schedule parking lot repair or maintenance during off-hours or whenever your business is closed.

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