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Guide to Seasonal Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance

Find out why seasonal parking lot maintenance is essential.

Following a seasonal parking lot maintenance schedule is key to keeping your pavement well-maintained. Regular maintenance will reduce the need for asphalt repair. Staying proactive by maintaining your asphalt parking lot throughout the year will save you money and even boost the curb appeal of your property. A parking lot repair company can create a detailed maintenance plan for your parking lot. This will ensure your pavement is well-maintained throughout the year.

Here is an overview of the different parking lot maintenance tips to follow during each season:

Spring Months

The spring season is the best time to begin removing weeds and any other vegetation that’s growing in or near your parking lot. Clearing loose debris by sweeping your parking lot on a weekly basis is also important in removing any tripping hazards. If you notice any cracks, it’s a good idea to reach out to an asphalt maintenance company.

These professionals can use a crack filler to repair these cracks before they result in damage to your pavement. Checking your drainage system to make sure it’s functioning is also critical to prevent standing water after a storm during the spring season.

Summer Months

The summer season is another busy time of the year for parking lot maintenance. It’s recommended to sealcoat your pavement every two or three years during the early summer months due to the warmer temperatures.

The ideal temperature for sealcoating ranges anywhere between 50°F-85°F. Sealcoating your pavement helps to prevent wear and tear while reducing the chance of potholes and other damages. The summer season is also one of the best times to restripe your parking lot to give it a fresh appearance while staying in compliance with the latest ADA regulations.

Fall Months

Parking lot maintenance doesn’t stop during the fall season. It’s essential to remove leaves from your asphalt pavement on a regular basis. A buildup of leaves doesn’t only look bad, but it can even damage the top layer of your asphalt due to its chemical composition.

Staying proactive by cleaning and sweeping your pavement will help you avoid this scenario. Double-checking your drainage system during the fall season is also key in making sure water drains from your pavement.

Winter Months

One of the advantages of living near Tampa Bay is that you don’t have to worry about dealing with harsh winters. A lack of cold weather makes it much easier to perform parking lot maintenance during the winter. You don’t have to spend time shoveling snow or using anti-icing agents in Florida.

You may need to fill potholes or repair cracks in the pavement before they get worse with time. Scheduling repairs now can help you avoid bigger issues in the future, which can save you a lot of stress while also improving your bottom line.

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