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Sports Court Maintenance in Tampa

Sports courts will eventually deteriorate if given enough time. Even rarely-used sports courts require maintenance to stay in decent shape. Otherwise, the sports court’s appearance, lifespan, and quality will gradually diminish. If the court is worn out and sports court maintenance is not performed, this area will present some safety risks. An unsafe sports court can be a hazard to children, teens, and adults. Below, we detail some tips for sports court maintenance in Tampa Bay.

Sports Court Maintenance in Tampa Bay Starts With an Inspection

Take a close look at your sports court every to determine if it has any defects. Look for loose items such as screws and other hazards. Even a diminutive and seemingly innocent piece of debris has the potential to put those who use the sports court at risk. The color of the court can also clue you into its condition. Look closely at the court’s hue, especially the perimeter, to determine if it is fading. A faded surface will require sports court maintenance in Tampa performed by our experienced team.

Sports Court Maintenance in Tampa: Cleaning

Every sports court should be swept on a daily basis to eliminate all of the scattered debris. This is the most basic form of sports court maintenance in Tampa. Anything from nails to screws, leaves, dirt, debris, and even sand can accumulate on a sports court. Each of these issues can be remedied with periodic sports court maintenance.

It’s inevitable someone will spill a beverage on the court at one point or another. Beverage and food stains should be removed from the court with a wet mop and a specialized cleaning solution. This spill should be mopped up right away so stains are not left behind. However, any old cleaner will not get the job done. Do not use an abrasive cleaner as it has the potential to damage the court surface.

Sports Court Maintenance in Tampa Bay: Resurfacing

The majority of sports courts require resurfacing every five years or so. Resurfacing sports courts helps repair cracks and all sorts of other defects. If the sports court is used at a high frequency or if particularly heavy items are placed on it, there is the potential for surface cracking. If you spot significant cracking on the court, it might require sports court maintenance in the form of resurfacing. This approach will remedy the cracking while refreshing the faded hues for a visually striking surface.

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