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Steps for Asphalt Installation

Step by Step Process for Asphalt Installation

Asphalt installation is an excellent long-term investment for businesses of any size. Asphalt paving can transform the appearance of your business and significantly boost the value of your property. Reaching out to a company that specializes in parking lot services in Tampa is a great way to learn more about the asphalt installation process.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide on installing asphalt for your business parking lot.

#1 Demolition & Removal Process

One of the first steps in asphalt installation is to remove the existing surface, whether it is old concrete or asphalt from your parking lot. An asphalt company will use heavy machinery to remove any existing materials while recycling many of these products.

#2 Surface Preparation

The next step in asphalt installation is surface preparation for adequate water drainage. An asphalt company will use the latest technology in the industry to ensure that water can easily run-off from your parking lot. Focusing on water drainage is essential, as standing water can cause potholes and cracks within an asphalt parking lot.

#3 Sub-base Preparation

One of the most critical stages of asphalt installation is preparing the sub-base to create a stable surface for your parking lot. The sub-base must be properly compacted for maximum durability. The sub-base also plays a vital role in protecting the asphalt from winter damage.

#4 Undercutting & Proof Roll

A proof roll is the next step to ensure that the sub-base is fully graded and compacted. A proof roll is the process of driving a loaded quad-axle dump truck across the entire surface of the asphalt. The parking lot isn’t properly supported if the pavement flexes more than an inch. Undercutting may also be necessary to repair any soft areas in the pavement. Undercutting involves replacing the underlying foundation with stronger aggregate material to create a solid support structure.

#5 Adding Binder Layer

The next step is to add binder once the sub-base is complete, and all of the soft areas are repaired within the pavement. The binder layer is highly durable and consists of an aggregate mixed with oil. This added level of protection creates a much more durable parking lot and is essential during the asphalt installation process.

#6 Installing New Asphalt

Adding a fresh layer of asphalt is one of the final steps during the installation process. Surface asphalt consists of a variety of items, such as sand and oil. These materials create a smooth and attractive surface that will last for many years. Choosing a company that offers asphalt sealcoating in Tampa is also a good idea to further extend the lifespan of your parking lot. The sealcoating process needs to occur within the first year of asphalt installation.

#7 Transitions & Final Roll

An asphalt company will also ensure that your new parking lot easily transitions to existing driveways or roadways without any noticeable differences in the surface. These transition areas are also important for water run-off. Once everything is complete, a final roll will occur to compact the asphalt surface. A roller truck will ensure that the pavement surface is entirely smooth and compacted without any bumps on the surface.

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