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Tampa Asphalt Repair and Maintenance – Proper Drainage Systems

Tampa Bay properties of all types require an efficient drainage system.

Water can pose a serious threat to your Tampa Bay parking lot. Water will not slide off the parking lot surface unless there is an expertly-designed drainage system. If water seeps down into your property’s asphalt due to faulty drainage, it will create an array of problems that require immediate attention from our Tampa asphalt repair experts. Unfortunately, plenty of property owners wait to obtain assistance until the moisture has seeped deep down into the asphalt and causes major issues.

How Water Damages Tampa Bay Parking Lots

Parking lot water damage manifests in an array of different forms. Parking lots are especially prone to damage as they take a pounding from the vehicles above, dripping oil, gas, and other stimuli. In fact, water damage can result before asphalt is poured. Water moves from high elevations to low elevations. If years of water reach the low elevation, the soil will become unstable.

Water that pools on the surface of your lot will eventually lead to plenty of problems. Water damage ruins the bond that keeps your asphalt intact. Poor lot drainage that allows water to settle eventually leads to a separation of the asphalt mixture and its aggregates. Water that settles along the surface of the lot causes damage in a gradual manner. Though you might not be able to see this damage as it occurs, you should know your asphalt lot is slowly deteriorating.

Additional Problems Caused by Water Exposure

A faulty drainage system that leads to water pooling will cause cracking. Cracks form in the surface of your asphalt lot as a result of water pressure. Pooling water can also lead to depressions in areas of the lot that are heavily trafficked. These depressions are referred to as rutting. Water can even cause bleeding. Bleeding occurs when the asphalt binder moves on up to the surface after the aggregate separates from the asphalt. Furthermore, the presence of water on your asphalt pavement can lead to raveling. Raveling is a disintegration of the upper layer of asphalt.

Do Not Wait Until it is Too Late!

The damage described above is often difficult to notice. In many cases, the property owner has no idea the damage is occurring and ends up having to pay for a full replacement or an especially costly repair. We will make the necessary improvements to permit the proper flow of water. If your parking lot has endured water damage, we will remedy it with the appropriate asphalt repair.

Parking Lot Drainage Solutions

If you suspect your parking lot drainage system is insufficient or if you notice any of the problems outlined above, it is time to take action. Our Tampa asphalt repair team can drain the subgrade so new asphalt can be added with the optimal drainage system. Adding an under-drain will send water on down to a low gradient and keep your parking lot structure sound.

We can also test your subgrade to verify its integrity. The addition of gutters or a slope to your asphalt creates low and high points in a strategic manner so water can drain off your property.

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Reach out to us to schedule a free consultation. We will assess your parking lot’s drainage system, implement the appropriate solution(s) and preserve the integrity of your Tampa lot.