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PLS is Your Number 1 Resource for Tampa Parking Lot Striping

Work with PLS for Tampa Parking Lot Striping.

A parking lot with invisible or fading marking can cause issues such as slowing traffic or accidents. If you note these signs, it’s time to bring your parking lot back to life through the parking lot striping. PLS provides reputable services for your next Tampa parking lot striping project. During parking lot striping, PLS takes into account a few factors to ensure the project runs smoothly.

Removal of Old Striping Paint

Before re-striping your parking lot, you need to remove the old markings to give the new layer a fresh look. Parking Lot Services in Tampa uses various old paint removal methods which include:

  • Blackout method- This involves covering the old stripes with a layer of black paint to help camouflage them into the new asphalt. Once the old paint is covered, parking lot striping is done to give your lot a fresh look. This method is more cost-effective although it doesn’t remove the old stripes.
  • Sandblasting- Alternatively, you can choose to sandblast the old stripes. This option is very dusty, takes a lot of time, and more costly than the blackout method.

In most cases, clients prefer the blackout methods and use asphalt sealcoating to hide the old stripes.

Prevailing Weather

When you hire PLS for your Tampa parking lot striping services, the contractor keeps a close watch on the weather forecast. This is to ensure that there’re no high winds or doesn’t rain during the parking lot striping day. High winds make it hard to stripe as they spray too much paint on adjacent areas. Striping when raining is impossible as the rainwater will wash away the paint.

Number of Striping Paint Coats

The number of coats depends on the condition of your asphalt paving. If your paving just had asphalt patching and repair done, then you need 2 coats of striping paint after the asphalt cools. The first coat is absorbed by the asphalt, making it invisible, while the second coat stands out.

Reflective Glass Beads

If your parking lot is busy at all times, then the contractor can add glass beads to the paint to increase nighttime visibility. Glass beads application can be done manually using hands or by an application machine. Either way, it’s efficient and cost-effective. When handling your asphalt repair, PLS applies glass beads when the paint is still wet to improve adhesion.

Safety Precautions During Tampa Parking Lot Striping

When striping your parking lot, PLS prioritizes the safety of the users as well as that of the parking lot repair team. Before the exercise begins, they assess your parking lot and come up with a working design that ensures the safety of all parking lot users.

Tampa parking lot striping should be done simply and clearly to avoid confusing the drivers and pedestrians. The striping team considers the flow of traffic within your parking lot to avoid creating a maze that might confuse your parking lot users. Through proper and timely planning, PLS is able to provide you with an ideal and safe parking lot.

Work Timeline

To avoid inconveniences, it’s advisable to look for a Tampa parking lot striping company as soon as you realize the markings fading. PLS contractors will have no problem getting the job done within the agreed timeframe.

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