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Tampa Parking Lot Striping Recommendations

Tampa parking lot striping is essential for every business parking lot. A perfectly striped parking lot looks inviting and makes an important, positive first impression. Not to be overlooked, Tampa parking lot striping also enhances the property’s safety. These clearly marked lines show customers and other visitors where to drive and park.

Tampa Parking Lot Striping Requires a Smooth Surface

Aged asphalt that has started to fade, crack or pit will not retain parking lot striping as well as smooth surfaces. If there are any pits or cracks, the paint will gradually seep down below and cause flaking. Aged asphalt is comparably porous so it prevents paint from adhering to it, as necessary. Any compromised portion of the asphalt should be repaired and resealed before new striping is added. Sealant is an asphalt layer painted atop the original asphalt after cracks are filled. Once sealant is applied, the parking lot appears smooth and new. Tampa parking lot striping is vital to keep your parking lot in functioning shape.

The Parking Lot Must be Clean

Ideally, the parking lot will be clean and void of all debris prior to the striping process. If your parking lot is fairly clean or has been recently sealed, it might only be necessary to sweep the lot prior to the application of striping. If necessary, have your dirty parking lot professionally cleaned to ensure the best possible striping. Parking lot steam cleaners are quite effective at pulling oil and grease out of asphalt surfaces. This grease has the potential to sabotage parking lot striping in Tampa.

The Aged Lines Should be Professionally Covered

It is possible to alter the layout of your parking lot, but it is necessary to approach this challenge with care. The new layout should be added after the asphalt has been sealed due to the gradual elimination of aged and faded lines. Alternatively, it is also possible for the striping company to completely eradicate the old lines. Regardless of your chosen approach, the old lines should not be kept as their presence looks terrible and will only serve to confuse customers as to where they should drive and park.

Time Your Tampa Parking Lot Striping Correctly

It is important to keep in mind when to schedule new parking lot striping application. Think carefully when determining the best time for this parking lot improvement project. Ideally, new Tampa parking lot striping should be applied when few or no customers are around. Painting the lot can possibly last several hours. The paint will likely dry in less than two hours, therefore there is no need to completely disrupt the flow of business. However, a period of time in which foot traffic is low and no forecasted rain would be ideal. Otherwise, the asphalt will not fully dry, preventing the paint from curing properly.

Contact PLS for Tampa Parking Lot Striping

Professional Tampa parking lot striping and parking lot repair is just a quick call away. You can reach PLS to learn more about striping, asphalt paving and asphalt repair in Tampa by contacting us at (813) 880-9100.