Ruth Conover

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

On behalf of Communique Property Management, the Board of Directors and all the residents of Barrington Woods, | would like to thank everyone at PLS who helped make the transformation of our road areality. After 40 years of use with no resurfacing or upgrading our road was a mess, an accident waiting to happen. Thanks to everyone at PLS a major and much needed improvement has been completed.

I would especially like to thank all the members of the concrete, road milling and paving teams. Everyone worked so hard yet managed to still be very friendly and helpful to the residents at Barrington Woods. The whole process of restoring our road was stress free with no major inconvenience to the residents.

The neighbors have all remarked how hard working, organized and helpful everyone involved in this project was. All of us at Barrington Woods would like to express our satisfaction with the level of work performed and the quality of a job well done. It is such a pleasure now to see everyone out walking and enjoying the new road.

Thank you all so very much. You have made our community a safer and happier place to live.

Ruth Conover President – Board of Directors