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Tips About Tampa Parking Lot Maintenance

Follow these simple parking lot maintenance tips to keep your lot in fantastic condition year-round.

When was the last time parking lot maintenance crossed your mind? If you are like most business owners and managers, Tampa parking lot maintenance does not enter your thoughts until something goes wrong. This approach is flawed in that significant repairs ultimately cost more than regular maintenance. Furthermore, a large repair or replacement project caused by insufficient parking lot maintenance will inconvenience customers and staff. These undesirable scenarios can be avoided with regular Tampa parking lot maintenance.
Regular Tampa parking lot maintenance does more than merely keep customers and staff happy. Consistent maintenance also improves the functionality of your property, making it that much more appealing to current and prospective customers.

Sealcoat Your Parking Lot

Sealcoating protects your parking lot and makes it that much more reliable for years to come. Have your Tampa lot sealcoated once every couple years and it will prove resilient against the sun’s harmful UV rays, oil and gas spilled from automobiles, water, and other threats. Sealcoating fills hazardous surface damage, making your property that much safer for customers and staff.
A regular sealcoating will make your asphalt look fresh, clean, and inviting. This is exactly what you need to attract new clients and retain those who already shop at your business.

Don’t Neglect Potholes

Potholes result from water expansion and contraction after it has moved below the surface of the parking lot pavement. Repair starts with a thorough cleaning. Heat is applied, the custom aggregate mix is added, and the surface is given time to cool. What matters most is that potholes are repaired before enough time passes to allow them to spread and spur additional damage to the surface of the lot.
If you neglect a pothole, it will gradually worsen to the point that it poses a threat to pedestrians and drivers. It is even possible a customer will trip on the pothole and file a personal injury lawsuit. Furthermore, neglected potholes will expand to the point that the cost of repair increases.

Clean Your Asphalt Surface

If you allow surface debris like garbage, leaves, and debris to accumulate, your once-beautiful lot will soon become unsightly. Our Tampa parking lot maintenance professionals know exactly how to clean oil and gas spills so they do not attack your asphalt pavement. Time is of the essence.

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