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Tips for Designing a Concrete Parking Lot

Tips for Designing a Concrete Parking Lot

Your concrete parking lot says a great deal about your business. When you are planning a concrete parking lot for your business, it is important to create a parking lot design that is both functional and inviting for your customers. To get the most out of your parking lot planning project, it is a great idea to work with a parking lot contractor in Tampa that specializes in concrete repairs and all other types of concrete services. By working with a company that offers both construction and concrete repair services, you can ensure that your new lot will provide you with a quality performance for many years to come. To assist you during the planning phases for your commercial building, here are some helpful tips for designing a concrete parking lot.


Consider All of the Elements

A concrete parking lot contains much more than concrete. When you are designing your concrete parking lot, you will need to consider elements such as drainage, lighting, and curbs. These elements will need to work in harmony in order to create a functional parking lot.

Decide on Thickness

When you are planning a parking lot, you will also need to consider the thickness of your concrete. If you anticipate mostly cars and light trucks on your parking lot, you may be able to pour a four inch concrete basis. For parking lots that will be used by heavy trucks, a five or six inch concrete slab may be needed.

Plan for Drainage

During the parking lot design process, it is important to plan for proper drainage. During a heavy rainstorm, you will need to make sure that rainwater is able to drain out and away from your concrete. Standing water on your parking lot can cause cracks in the surface of your concrete, and can also damage the cars that have been parked on your property.