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Tips for Including Trees in Your Parking Lot Design

Parking-Lot-Striping-In-Tampa-1000-ffccccccWhite-3333-0.20.3-1The parking lot is the first impression your customers have when pulling up to your business. A barren lot conveys monotony and a “same old” attitude. Empty parking lots can also get very hot in the summertime, especially in sunny Tampa, FL. If you want to great your customers with a beautiful parking lot and provide a shady pedestrian route through the lot, break up the mass and monotony by including trees in your parking lot design. Much like parking lot striping, creative tree placement can elevate your parking lot design to the next level. Here’s how:

Find Room for TreesFirst and foremost, you need to find rooms for trees in your parking lot design. Traffic islands, end islands, setback areas, turnarounds, and pavement cut-outs are some of the best places for trees in an existing lot. Of course, if you’re designing a new parking lot you can place trees and vegetation wherever you’d like and build the lot around them.

Do Not Obstruct Visibility and Security
As you think about the addition of trees in your parking lot, select appropriate species and place them carefully so they don’t interfere with essential visibility or security. For example, driver vision should not be obstructed by trees or vegetation at turns or pedestrian crossings. Also make sure that trees do not obstruct security lighting in the lot or along walkways to protect cars and pedestrians at night.

Keep Trees MaintainedParking lot striping and asphalt sealcoating in Tampa are two great ways to maintain your lot. But as soon as you add trees into the mix, you need to include tree care in your maintenance routine. Keep trees neatly trimmed and schedule a visual inspection with an arborist several times per year to prevent hazardous conditions (such as insect and disease problems) from going unnoticed.