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Why Traffic Markings Should Be Updated Regularly

Keep your parking lot safe by keeping traffic markings fresh and up to date.

Parking lot markings gradually fade away due to exposure to the traffic from above as well as exposure to the rain, hail, automotive fluids, and more. In some cases, it makes sense to completely eliminate faded or poorly-painted striping before it completely disappears. After all, customers and drivers need pavement markings that are clearly visible. Otherwise, the parking lot will prove difficult to navigate and might even prompt a potential personal injury lawsuit.

Proper Parking Lot Markings Starts With the Removal of Faded Markings

The addition of new pavement markings is necessary when current markings are confusing, faded, or outdated. It is only a matter of time until your parking lot’s striping fades. However, it is not possible to apply the new traffic markings until the original traffic markings are removed. The removal of such markings can be accomplished through the grinding of the pavement marking and the application of high-pressure air to remove the paint. It also makes sense to perform the necessary asphalt patching and repair before new parking lot markings are added.

The next step is to blast the faded striping away with water. The application of water cleans the surface to ensure it is void of residue. Water blasting is nothing to fear as it will not damage your parking lot or cost an absurd amount of money. The icing on the cake is the fact that this approach to removing faded or confusing pavement markings is quick and does not compromise the environment. Time is of the essence as your business parking lot must prove accessible to customers during your regular hours of operation.

New Parking Lot Markings Enhance Your Property’s Safety

Accurate and perfectly clear traffic markings will enhance the safety of your parking lot. However, local business owners and managers should know no two parking lot businesses are the same in terms of traffic marking quality. If you hire the wrong company for this important job, you will be disappointed with the end result. Furthermore, some asphalt paving businesses do not have the proper personnel, expertise, or equipment necessary to properly apply new parking lot markings. Once the perfect new markings are in place, traffic will flow with ease across the entirety of your parking lot.

The Subtleties of Parking Lot Markings

The appearance, quality, and size of traffic markings ultimately determine if customers are able to navigate this space without confusion and collisions. Traffic markings must be durable, visible and long-lasting. Everything from parking space lines to arrows, legends, skips, “stop” lines and beyond really do have the potential to enhance the orderly flow of traffic across your lot.

Contact PLS for More Information About Traffic Markings

If your traffic markings have faded, it is time to reapply paint. PLS will get the job done. We focus on the fine details to ensure your property is navigable and safe. Our pavement markings are of the highest quality and last longer than those of the competition. Reach out to us at (813) 880-9100 to learn more about our traffic markings, asphalt sealcoating in Tampa and the rest of our services.