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Now is the Time to Update Your Parking Lot Painting

Learn the importance of parking lot painting.

It’s normal to get overwhelmed with the day-to-day business activities that you forget to consider the state of your parking lot. Neglecting your parking lot for too long can make it become an unsightly mess that creates the wrong impression with customers and business prospects. This can be avoided by refreshing parking lot painting regularly.

Repainting your parking lot has numerous benefits on your asphalt paving. But how do you know it’s time to update your parking lot painting?

Five Signs That Your Parking Lot Needs Striping

Parking lot striping involves updating various painting on your asphalt paving including:

  • Parking space marks
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Symbols for parking spaces reserved for the disabled
  • Directional arrows
  • Painting curbs to show fire and loading zones

Updating these paints is not a one time job, and it needs to be redone after every few years. Here are signs that now is time to update your parking lot painting.

1. Faint Asphalt Paving Stripes and Markings

Over time, your parking lot stripes and markings become faint due to weather exposure and traffic. When that happens, your pavement becomes prone to accidents and also loses its aesthetic value.

You can avoid this by scheduling parking lot painting during your regular asphalt repair programs. Re-striping has several advantages, such as:

  • Enhancing safety- markings such as handicap lines should be clear to anyone using the parking lot to eliminate confusion when parking. When stripe lines are faint, it becomes hard for the drivers to see the spaces.
  • Leaving enough spaces- parking lot painting ensures that the spaces are indicated, and each driver has enough parking space. That minimizes the risk of hitting other cars when opening doors or parking in the wrong places.
  • Improving the overall look- freshly painted parking lot looks aesthetically pleasing to anyone using it.

2. Damaged Wheel Stops

When your parking stripes become faint it becomes hard for drivers to stop in time, hence hitting wheel stops. Therefore, if you note your wheel stops are scuffing and chipping, that’s an indicator that you need to re-strip your asphalt paving.

3. It’s Been Several Years Since You Restriped

If over five years have passed since you re-striped your parking lot, then there’ll be visible signs of faint markings and deterioration. Although how often you should do an asphalt repair depend on traffic usage and weather exposure, parking lot painting should be done after every two or three years.

4. You’ve Resurfaced Your Parking Lot

Resurfacing your parking lot involves laying a new asphalt layer on top of the old one. As a result, the markings and stripes will not be visible through the new thick black coating. For that reason, you need to do the parking lot painting from scratch.

Re-striping after resurfacing creates an excellent opportunity to re-design your parking. You can make the spaces bigger or change the flow to create a more aesthetically pleasing parking environment.

5. Crumbled Parking Lot Surface

As your asphalt paving gets old, its surface starts to wear away, displacing the paint markings on the parking lot. Consider resurfacing your parking lot using asphalt overlays and then repainting it. You might get tempted to ignore re-striping if the white and yellow paint is close to where the original marks were. However, this could be confusing, and re-painting should be treated with urgency.

Contact PLS for Parking Lot Painting Services

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