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How UV Rays Damage Asphalt and How to Avoid this Damage

Learn different tips on how to protect your asphalt pavement by limiting UV ray exposure.

Finding ways to keep your asphalt parking lot safe from ultraviolet rays isn’t easy. UV ray damage is especially common in Florida due to the excessive heat during the summer months. Taking proactive measures to limit the damages from UV rays is essential to asphalt maintenance. Hiring an experienced contractor specializing in asphalt surfaces is a great way to prevent UV ray damage. This will also further extend the lifespan of your parking lot.

How Do UV Rays Damage Asphalt Pavement?

Ultraviolet rays can damage your parking lot in a variety of ways. These damages often start small but will eventually get worse over time. Scheduling parking lot maintenance services are essential to strengthening your pavement by slowing the deterioration process.

Faded line striping, cracks, potholes, and water infiltration are just a few of the most common types of sun damage to your pavement. Working with an asphalt repair contractor is essential in taking care of these problems before they become severe.

How to Limit the Impact of Sun Damage?

UV ray damage can cause a wide variety of problems to asphalt surfaces. For example, cracks and potholes can get much larger due to the high temperatures. Staying proactive by scheduling parking lot sealcoating services is a great way to give your parking lot much-needed UV resistance.

Sealcoating provides a protective barrier for asphalt parking lots. It’s recommended to schedule these services every three to five years. You may need to use asphalt sealcoating more often with heavy traffic, as it will thin out over time. Either way, using an asphalt sealer is one of the most effective ways to limit the damage of ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Benefits of Scheduling Repairs

Waiting too late to apply an asphalt sealer can result in significant problems for your parking lot. UV rays are especially damaging to asphalt, as they can often lead to cracking and other issues. Getting an inspection from an asphalt paving contractor in your area is key to assessing the damages.

Minor damages may only need a few patches, while severe problems can force you to resurface your entire parking lot. Discussing all your choices with an asphalt company can help you determine the best decision for your situation.

Extra Reasons for Asphalt Maintenance

Scheduling ongoing maintenance services is also important in limiting UV ray damage. Parking lot sealcoating plays a vital role in protecting your pavement against the sun. Asphalt pavement can range anywhere between 40 to 60 degrees hotter than the normal temperature.

Using ongoing maintenance services helps to boost the visual appearance of your pavement. Keeping your parking lot well-maintained will also reduce liabilities for your business while saving you from a lot of stress.

Reach Out to PLS for Asphalt Repair Services

Parking Lot Services (PLS) is one of the leaders in providing asphalt repair for commercial clients in the Tampa Bay area. We understand the importance of limiting UV ray damage. We work to ensure your pavement will last for the long term without any significant problems. Our experienced team also offers many other services, whether you need sealcoating, asphalt paving, crack filling, or concrete installation.

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