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What is Sealcoating: Your Guide to Sealcoating in Tampa Bay

Find out what sealcoating is and learn all about the benefits of using these services for your parking lot.

Keeping your asphalt parking lot well-maintained is key to limiting the need for repairs, and it also improves the appearance of your property. One of the best options for protecting your parking lot from the elements is to invest in sealcoating services. An asphalt paving company can easily apply a sealcoat throughout your entire parking lot to give it an extra layer of protection. Learning more about “what is sealcoating” and understanding the many benefits of these services is essential for business owners.

What is Sealcoating?

Sealcoating is an additional coating applied to asphalt pavement to shield it from any damage caused by UV rays, chemical stains, standing water, and other environmental factors. Asphalt sealing is typically made from either coal tar emulsion or asphalt emulsion mixed with additives like silica sand, which provides traction and durability. Parking lot sealing not only gives a fresh, black color to the asphalt but also helps to fill in small cracks and imperfections, improving the surface’s overall appearance.

Common Types of Asphalt Deterioration

Asphalt pavement is vulnerable to various types of damage over time. These damages can become much worse if you don’t schedule maintenance or repair services.

Here are the most common types of asphalt deterioration:


Exposure to UV rays and oxygen causes the asphalt to break down and become brittle.

Water Damage

Poor drainage can lead to water seeping into the pavement, causing cracks and eventually potholes.

Chemical Damage

Gasoline, oil, and other chemicals can eat away at the asphalt, resulting in weakened areas.

What are the Benefits of Sealcoating a Parking Lot?

Sealcoating offers numerous benefits that make it a cost-effective solution for maintaining parking lots, and it can even extend the life of your pavement.

The benefits of parking lot sealing include the following:

Protection from the Elements

Sealcoating forms a protective barrier that prevents water, UV rays, and chemicals from penetrating the asphalt, which can save you money by reducing the risk of damage.

Enhance Visual Appeal

A freshly sealed surface has a deep black color that enhances the appearance of your property.

Longer-Lasting Pavement

Scheduling asphalt sealcoating can often extend the life of your pavement by several years.

Increase Safety

The silica sand in the sealcoating mixture adds traction to the surface, reducing the risk of accidents on your property.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

Sealcoating is an affordable way to maintain your asphalt pavement, which saves you money on more extensive repairs in the long run.

Sealcoating Application Process

Understanding sealcoating and the application process is important if you plan on using these services. The process of sealing an asphalt parking lot or other paved surface involves several key steps:

Preparing the Surface

Before applying the sealcoating, any existing asphalt damage must be repaired, and the surface must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt, debris, and chemicals.

Mixing the Sealer

An asphalt sealer needs to be mixed with water, silica sand, and other additives to create the right consistency for application.

Applying the Sealcoat

The sealcoat is evenly applied to the surface in a thin layer with either a squeegee or spray applicator.

Curing Time

Allowing the sealer enough time to cure is key to avoiding any issues. You will need to wait, typically, 24 to 48 hours for the sealcoat to cure before your parking lot can be opened to traffic.

What is Sealcoating and How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of sealcoating varies depending on factors like the size of your pavement, the type of sealer used, and local labor rates. In general, sealcoating costs range from $0.10 to $0.30 per square foot. However, the cost of sealing is often outweighed by the long-term savings in maintenance and repair expenses. Getting several quotes from asphalt paving contractors in your area is always recommended.

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