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full depth pavement reclamation

The Wide-Ranging Benefits of Full-Depth Reclamation

The average parking lot and private road takes quite a beating. Heavy automobiles cross these surfaces on a regular basis. Their weight eventually harms the pavement to the extent that movement becomes cumbersome or dangerous. If you own property in the greater Tampa Bay area and your pavement has reached this point, it is time for a surface replacement. Solving this problem won’t break your budget. Opt for a full-depth reclamation and you will be pleasantly surprised by its low cost and reliability across the years.

A full-depth reclamation is a specialized construction procedure that reforms pavement. It requires the total removal of the weakened layer of asphalt so it can be combined with a stone base. The new asphalt requires a recycled usable base to boot. A full-depth reclamation is a viable solution for fairly large parking lots as well as private roadways as long as they do not have curbs or gutters.

Why so Many Tampa Bay Property Owners opt for a Full-Depth Pavement Reclamation

A full-depth reclamation provides property owners with an assortment of benefits. The main advantage is the fact that it reduces maintenance costs. It also takes little time to perform and provides significant structural benefits. Property owners also love the fact that this construction technique does not require a full closure of the parking lot or the roadway being worked on. In a nutshell, it is a stress-free, low-cost way to improve pavement. Full-depth reclamations require the re-use of on-site materials so virgin materials can be held aside for alternative purposes. This is precisely why full-depth reclamations are viewed as sustainable. They prevent hundreds of tons of waste from being transported to landfills that are already filled to the brim.

A major part of the appeal of a full-depth reclamation is the fact that it drastically decreases project costs. There is no need to truck materials in or out of the site. There are also no off-site processing fees. All in all, the savings from a full-depth reclamation can add to 50 percent or more, depending on the road/parking lot’s size and condition. Once you consider each of these advantages, you will likely determine that a full-depth reclamation is an excellent alternative to a comprehensive removal and replacement effort.

A full depth reclamation also provides an array of advantages compared to removal and replacement in terms of scheduling. Asphalt removal on a work site that equates to the size of the average football field (around 50,000 square feet), would require the a contractor three days to complete. He would also need another three days to remove the existing stone base. Add on another two days for the addition of a new stone base as well. In the end, this type of total removal and replacement would take a full week or longer to perform. In contrast, a full-depth reclamation for the same work site would require only a couple days. Hire PLS and we will go as far as scheduling your site’s full depth reclamation in a way that allows for limited access for you as well as your clients and employees.

Another critically important advantage to full-depth reclamation is that it is an extremely “green” method to improve weakened pavement. The work site’s stone and asphalt will be recycled. The bottom line is that PLS will go to great lengths to conserve resources in a manner that does not negatively impact the quality of your project. We strive to get each job done in a timely manner, without excessive trips to and from the site. Though it might come as a major surprise, no trucks are necessary for a full-depth reclamation. This means emissions and fuel consumption will be kept to a bare minimum. You won’t find this type of commitment to sustainable practices from any of our competitors in the Tampa Bay area.