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Why you should hire a paving professional

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Paving Professional

You may think that you can get through a parking lot project without the help of a professional contractor. You may think that DIY asphalt paving will save you money and time. PLS of Florida is here to surprise you. Here are 5 reasons why even the best handyman should leave his Tampa asphalt paving project up to the professionals.

Valuable Time

As a business owner, the likelihood is that your time is divided into a dozen different places. There simply isn’t enough time in the day to manage your workload and maintain your parking lot.

If you decide to work with PLS of Florida on your Tampa asphalt paving project, we will send experts to your property to evaluate your parking lot and determine your needs. Our experts will draw up a maintenance plan with you and set a schedule. After the evaluation, you can take your hands off the project, and let a PLS professional take over.

At PLS, we have years of experience paving parking lots just like yours. We understand weather constraints, materials, and manpower to complete your parking lot project. Our professionals will allow you to focus on the work tasks you need to.

Keep Your Money

This may come as a surprise, but, working with PLS will definitely be the cost-efficient choice for your business. While you may be able to round up the necessary materials to lay asphalt, it’s the execution and efficiency that will cost you in the long run.

When you invest in the Tampa asphalt paving professionals at PLS, you’re investing in our expertise and high quality materials. The materials we work with, and the machines we use for installation, will lay a much higher grade of payment than non-skilled workers are capable of.

Our asphalt paving projects are long term investments, which we will protect. Our ongoing maintenance program identifies potential problems in your property’s asphalt before they evolve into much bigger, more expensive issues. With PLS, you can save your money for more business investment, not damage control.

Better Results

As a professional asphalt and paving company, PLS doesn’t cut costs. We are thorough in our preparation, making sure a proper drainage system is installed with a stable sub-base before pouring any asphalt. Our attention to detail will leave you with a polished and durable parking lot.

ADA Compliance

Not many people know that, the Americans with Disabilities Act has strict requirements for paving and parking lot companies like PLS. One of the guidelines is the use of proper striping for handicap parking stalls.

Depending on the number of parking spots your lot will have, you must have a certain number of spots that are handicap-accessible for cars and vans. You must also consider things like accessibility to your building. Handicap ramps and rails must be installed to meet ADA guidelines. The best way you can ensure ADA compliance is by working with PLS. We have the understanding and application to make your property handicap-accessible.

A Reduction in Liability

A poorly maintained parking lot can be a detriment to potential customers and yourself. Uneven pavement will put vehicles at risk for tire and wheel damages, while visitors will be susceptible to slip-and-fall injuries. The natural wear and tear of pavement can be an insurance nightmare. You can safely reduce liability by working with PLS of Florida.

Tampa Asphalt Paving Experts

If you are a business that needs Tampa asphalt paving maintenance, contact PLS. We can make the difference by saving you time, reducing cost, and improving your business’s appearance. PLS will stay in the picture to keep your Tampa asphalt paving project for the long term. Keep your tools in the garage and let the professionals make your life easier.