Parking Lot Maintenance

Now that your parking area has been completed you may have questions regarding general upkeep and parking lot maintenance. These are a few of the most common questions; however; please do not hesitate to call our office if there are any other concerns about your new parking lot services.

Why is sand spread over the top of my new surface?

While your new overlay had only been on for a few hours, the sand will help protect it and keep scarring to a minimum. Within a few days general use and weather will clear the sand away.

What should I expect from the first few days of traffic?

During the first few days you may see some tire impressions, wheel marks and scuffing. You may also experience “power steering tears.” These markings occur when tires are turned in a tight radius on fresh pavement. In time, these areas will smooth and flatten with your regular traffic.

What about large trucks?

If practical, try to keep large heavy truck traffic to a minimum while your new surface is curing. Asphalt becomes stronger with time.

How can I keep my new parking area looking great?

Simply keeping your lot clean of debris will help and add years to its life. Contact your project consultant about preventative parking lot maintenance programs available to add years to your investment.

Why are there tire marks on my fresh sealer?

Tire “scuffing” is common with sealcoating. With traffic, these marks will blend in and no longer be visible.

Why can I still see the cracks in the asphalt?

Sealer is not designed to fill cracks, it seals the bottom of the crack to protect the base. If seal is applied too thickly, it will become brittle and chip off.

Why does the sealer appear to be different colors in areas?

Different weather conditions cause sealer to cure at different rates. On a sunny, warm day, sealer will dry a different color than on an overcast day because it cures faster.