How is a Sinkhole Formed in Your Parking Lot?

How do sinkholes form in your parking lot? Sinkholes are a common problem in Florida, making it crucial to pay attention to them if you own an asphalt paving. When this information is likely to make you ask yourself how a sinkhole is formed, you also need to understand what it is. A sinkhole is […]


Asphalt Maintenance Tips Commercial Paving Contractors Know

Tips regarding asphalt maintenance from a commercial paving contractor. Parking lot maintenance makes your parking lot safe for both pedestrians and drivers, creates a great first impression, and prolongs its lifespan. If you fail to practice proper maintenance, the small issues escalate with time. An asphalt parking lot with cracks or potholes detracts from the […]


7 Reasons to Sealcoat a Parking Lot

7 main reasons to sealcoat your parking lot. Asphalt is the most preferred parking lot and driveway paving material due to its durability and strength. Just like any other material, it experiences wear and tear, especially after constant usage and exposure to harsh elements. However, you can prolong its lifespan through proper care and maintenance. […]


6 Facts About Asphalt Crack Repair in Tampa

Interesting facts about asphalt crack repair. Routine asphalt care and maintenance help maintain your curb appeal as well as prolong the lifespan of your parking lot. However, as time goes by, your asphalt parking lot may experience distresses that make it lose its aesthetic appeal. One most common asphalt paving distress is cracking, which occurs […]


How to Remove Oil Stains from Asphalt Parking Lots

Removing oil stains can be difficult and lessen the appeal of your commercial parking lot. Asphalt is one of the best paving materials with many parking lot owners using it for their parking lots. To prolong its durability, you must schedule the right maintenance and repair services. When various issues affect the aesthetic appeal of […]


Why Business Owners Need a Pavement Management System for Their Parking Lot

What is a pavement management system and how can implementing one improve your parking lot? Your parking lot is prone to damage, rendering it unsafe and aesthetically unappealing to anyone using it. As such, you need to have a proactive pavement maintenance approach to preserve the property value and the safety of those using your […]


Repair Potholes as Soon as They Are Discovered in Your Parking Lot

Why you should repair potholes in your parking lot as soon as you notice them. Potholes are a common type of damage in asphalt paving with many property owners overwhelmed by the seriousness of the damage. This type of damage usually occurs when water that penetrates through the small cracks on your pavement expands and […]


What to Expect in an Asphalt Parking Lot Life Cycle

Learn more about the life cycle of your asphalt parking lot. Just like many other products, an asphalt parking lot has a predetermined life cycle. Upon installation, it’s fresh and new, but with time, it ages and deteriorates, calling for a replacement. In between the two phases, your asphalt paving undergoes several types of damages, […]


Now is the Time to Update Your Parking Lot Painting

Learn the importance of parking lot painting. It’s normal to get overwhelmed with the day-to-day business activities that you forget to consider the state of your parking lot. Neglecting your parking lot for too long can make it become an unsightly mess that creates the wrong impression with customers and business prospects. This can be […]


How to Add Curb Appeal to Your Parking Lot

The Importance of Pavement Maintenance in Enhancing Curb Appeal Your parking lot is the first part of your business property customers will see. This all too important first impression can make or break a potential deal. Instead of waiting until your asphalt paving succumbs to weather elements and constant pressure from traffic, consider regular maintenance […]