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A Look at Some Common Concrete Repair Methods

If your driveway or parking lot has become damaged or cracked, you may want to consider hiring a concrete repair company. When the structural foundation of your concrete becomes cracked or broken, it is important to schedule concrete repairs before the problem becomes serious. A company that specializes in concrete resurfacing in Tampa can help restore your concrete surface to brand new condition. Whether you are in need of sealcoating or road repair, a skilled company will help you choose the right services for your concrete. To help you get started on your parking lot project, here is a look at some common methods of concrete repair.

Epoxy Injection

Epoxy injection can be used to seal small surface cracks in your concrete. During an epoxy injection project, a concrete repair professional will use an adhesive to fill and bond any damaged areas of your concrete. In order to perform an epoxy injection, a technician must first completely clean the damaged area. Next, the surface of the concrete will be sealed using a highly durable epoxy filler.

Routing and Sealing

If a concrete surface contains cracks or damage over a large surface area, routing and sealing may be the appropriate repair method. With this type of concrete repair method, a technician will use a bonding sealant to completely fill in the cracks in the concrete. This type of cement repair is highly durable, and can withstand extreme weather and other damaging forces.


Stitching is a concrete repair method that can be used to mend large cracks in a concrete surface. During the stitching process, a technician will drill holes on either side of the cracked surface. These holes will be used as anchors for stables that are placed along the center of the crack. Once the staples are in place, the entire area will be sealed and resurfaced.