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How Your Business Benefits From ADA Ramps in Tampa

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) states every business and other organization that provides services to the public must accommodate those with disabilities. It is not enough to have a set of steps leading to and from your facility. If your Tampa property does not have an ADA ramp that provides access for those with mobility limitations, you might be in violation of federal law. Just as important is the fact that the lack of such a ramp will limit the number of customers you can serve.

Tampa Bay Businesses and Organizations Require ADA Ramps

A surprising number of Tampa business owners assume their property does not require an ADA ramp, with many having heard properties built prior to 1990 do not require an ADA ramp. There is a common misconception such businesses are grandfathered in under the act. In particular, title three of this Act states those with disabilities must be provided with the proper accommodations.

Title three of the ADA also states equal access must be provided to disabled individuals in regard to all public and commercial facilities. In other words, the law states every Tampa property owner is required to eliminate all barriers that prevent entry by handicapped individuals. This means excessive slopes, damaged pavement, and broken pavement must be rectified. Furthermore, all such property owners must provide the disabled with access aisles and designated parking spaces. Parking lots are also required to provide ramps that are in full compliance with the ADA’s guidelines. A parking lot that is not equipped with an access way that provides a slip-resistant, firm and stable surface to prevent an accident is not in full compliance.

Breaking Down ADA Compliance

The spirit of the ADA is to provide national standards for improving access to private and public facilities for those with disabilities. The ADA provides detailed information beyond the requirements for ADA ramps in Tampa. The law mandates compliance with everything from the necessary width of doorways to the subtleties of parking lots and beyond. As an example, the ADA requires each parking lot to have at least one handicapped space for every 25 traditional spaces. All parking lots are required to have a minimum of at least two extra wide spaces for individuals who are reliant upon lift-equipped vehicles for transportation.

It might be necessary to alter your parking lot in subtle or not-so-subtle ways as time progresses. Making the transition from straight parking spaces to angled parking spaces might prove helpful as it will provide additional space and room for parking spaces that are of adequate width for wheelchair lift vans.

ADA Ramps in Tampa

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