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Winter can be hard on your asphalt pavement in Tampa

What To Expect From Asphalt During the Winter

For some, winter brings much-needed cool temperatures, overcast skies, and an opportunity to spend more time indoors with loved ones. For all the good that winter provides, this season also brings a series of problems for asphalt pavement in Tampa. If you neglect your asphalt pavement, there is a chance you will be flabbergasted by the amount of damage once the winter is complete.

How Winter Affects Asphalt Pavement in Tampa

The constant shifting between warm and cool temperatures is terrible for the integrity of your asphalt pavement. Temperature shifts are especially common in the winter months when temperatures dip down low at night and spike right back up when the sun shines in the afternoon. The temperature fluctuation causes asphalt pavement in Tampa to contract and expand.

The pavement can make it through the winter in decent condition as long as water does not penetrate it. Unfortunately, if there is even slight cracking in the pavement, water will move on down below, freeze, subsequently expand and put that much more pressure on the pavement above. This expansion will also wear away at the base that supports the asphalt pavement in Tampa.

Once the thaw occurs, there might be an empty space between the base and the pavement that causes the pavement to sag. The moving water has the potential to damage the base that much more. The solution is to have all signs of pavement breaks repaired by professionals prior to the initial freeze.

The Threat of Vehicles to Asphalt Pavement in Tampa

In some instances, delivery trucks and other vehicles pose a threat to the integrity of parking lots and other spaces. The worst case scenario is a gouging of the pavement. If a delivery truck or other vehicle mars the pavement, tears away a chunk of asphalt, or causes any other damage, there will be an opportunity for water to move below the pavement.

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