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Asphalt Pothole Repair: How to Prevent Potholes

Learn how to keep your parking lot well-maintained by using asphalt pothole repair services.

Potholes can eventually form on an asphalt parking lot over time. These potholes can occur due to various reasons, whether it’s age, weather, or poor installation. Choosing to hire a company specializing in asphalt pothole repair services is always a smart decision in taking care of this problem before it gets worse over time.

These professionals understand how to fill potholes properly to keep your parking lot looking great for a very long time.

How to Prevent Potholes?

Understanding how to reduce potholes is key for businesses and property owners. Using crack sealing for small cracks is a great way to stay proactive by protecting the payment from moisture. Cleaning your parking lot on a monthly basis is also effective at keeping your parking lot well-maintained, and it helps to boost curb appeal.

Scheduling sealcoating services every three years is another important tip that gives your pavement an added layer of protection while also providing it with a fresh appearance.

How to Fix Potholes?

Sometimes it’s too late to prevent potholes due to a lack of maintenance. Scheduling asphalt pothole repair services is important in fixing these problems as soon as possible. These experienced professionals can repair potholes large or small and fill cracks while using top-quality repair material to ensure it will last for years.

Here is an overview of the process of repairing potholes.

Clean the Area

The first step in patching potholes is to clean the repair area by removing any debris. Shovels and rakes are often used to clean the area, while high-pressure water is used for removing any leftover materials. Following this cleaning process for the asphalt surface is key to allowing the polymer-modified mortar to bind to the pavement. On the other hand, failure to adequality clean the area will greatly decrease the lifespan of the patch material.

Take Proper Measurements

The next stage in asphalt pothole repair is to take measurements. Measuring the pothole will help you understand how much material is needed for patching the asphalt. Not repairing a pothole in a timely manner can often cause it to get bigger over time, which makes it more expensive and difficult to fix. Staying proactive by taking care of parking lot or road repairs as soon as possible is essential to proper parking lot maintenance.

Quick Fix for Potholes

Sometimes you will need a quick way to fix potholes. This temporary patch is performed at the surface level as the asphalt is poured into the pothole before it’s leveled at the surface. The main benefit of quickly repairing potholes is that it helps to prevent any further damage to your pavement, but it is only a temporary solution.

Long-Term Fix for Potholes

Fully repairing a pothole is a more time-consuming process, but it’s well worth the effort. For example, the surface area of the pavement will need to be removed before the pothole is patched in wet or dry conditions. An asphalt pothole repair contractor will use dense hot-mix asphalt and tack coats to permanently repair a pothole, which is much more effective than using a short-term fix.

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