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7 Benefits of Sealcoating Parking Lot Asphalt in Tampa

Have your Tampa parking lot sealcoated and you will see a return on the investment in a manner of ways.

Too many Tampa Bay business owners leave their parking lot exactly as is for years without any type of proactive maintenance. A neglected parking lot will eventually falter in one way or another. Even if a neglected parking lot remains functional, its appearance will gradually fade. Your parking lot should be sealcoated every few years.

1. Asphalt Sealcoating in Tampa Provides a Smooth Surface

Sealcoating leaves your parking lot with a smooth and gorgeous black surface. This smooth surface will prove easy to clean and sweep, ultimately reducing the need for maintenance as time progresses. A smooth surface also helps when it comes to painting lines and positioning markers in the lot.

2. Guard Against Oxidation and Erosion

Sealcoating asphalt pavement replaces those tiny particles lost from the surface during the oxidation of the older pavement. Have a sealcoating performed a few years after the pavement is initially laid and you will find it does protect the upper layer from oxidation as well as erosion. Sealcoating keeps as many of the asphalt surface particles intact as long as possible.

3. Asphalt Sealcoating in Tampa Serves as an Important Water Barrier

Sealcoating will protect and waterproof your asphalt. This is an important protective layer to protect against Tampa’s heavy rain. Think of your asphalt parking lot’s sealcoating as similar to paint that seals wood against natural stimuli.

4. Increased Flexibility

Once your Tampa parking lot is sealcoated, you will notice it has a lovely black hue that attracts the sun. This is good as it keeps the asphalt highly flexible. Asphalt that can bend is that much less likely to endure cracking, even in those areas that are heavily trafficked.

5. Asphalt Sealcoating in Tampa Prevents Massive Cracks

Sealcoating seals up those little cracks that have the potential to develop into larger cracks. If cracks expand, water will inevitably move on down and compromise the base material. Furthermore, your guests won’t have to look at ugly cracks when they arrive on your property.

6. Enhanced Curb Appeal

Once your lot is sealcoated, the asphalt will look brand new. This is the beautiful lot you need to impress prospective customers, business partners, and others who visit your property.

7. Fill Those Dangerous and Unsightly Surface Voids

A sealcoating fills gaps in the surface of the asphalt, decreasing exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays, and oxygen. This protection is essential to preserving the integrity of your lot for years to come. Once the surface voids are rectified, chemicals, gas, oil, salt, and other substances will not be able to move on down below and sabotage the integrity of your parking lot.

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