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Why Are Bollards Important in Tampa, Florida?

Bollards Provide the Protection Every Tampa Business Needs

Most people see bollards and wonder what those rigid posts are and why they are in place outside buildings. These short posts positioned along the exterior of Tampa buildings are protective and decorative bollards. They are typically positioned near traffic lanes to prevent wayward vehicles from damaging Tampa buildings and harming pedestrians.

Bollards are an Essential Form of Protection

Bollards are available in various sizes and styles to protect Tampa properties as well as the people walking near those properties. They are made of concrete and reinforced with internal steel. Bollards are positioned in a strategic manner to provide the ultimate protection against vehicles that move outside of the normal flow of traffic.

Take a close look at your surroundings the next time you are outside of a building and you will likely spot bollards carefully positioned to prevent the potential damage of a vehicle hitting a Tampa building or pedestrian walkway. These bollards control the movement of traffic quite well. They also improve building visibility during the nighttime hours when drivers struggle to see clearly.

Why Bollards are so Helpful

Consider this shocking statistic: automobiles crash into buildings at least 60 times each day. These collisions are responsible for upwards of 500 deaths every single year in the United States. Take a moment to ponder the damage a terrorist attack could do if bollards are not in place to prevent a vehicle loaded with a bomb from crashing into a building. Bollards are so incredibly rigid that they can withstand the brute force of a fast-moving large vehicle.

There is plenty of engineering prowess involved in the design of these metal structures. Add in the fact that our team goes to great lengths to position them to withstand a powerful collision and the end result is a formidable barrier that provides adequate protection for Tampa buildings and pedestrians. It is even possible for bollards to stop a massive vehicle from infiltrating your Tampa property. Some bollards are designed to allow for height alterations as deemed prudent by the Tampa business owner. This way, you can raise and lower bollards so they do not stand out during daylight hours when your business is open.

What About Drivers?

If you are wondering whether bollards have the potential to damage a vehicle, don’t fret. Though it is possible for a wayward driver to smash into bollards and endure vehicle damage. The driver should not be traveling anywhere near your bollards in the first place. Your main priority is the protection of your Tampa building, customers, and employees.

If a distracted driver hits your bollards, these structures will protect innocent lives. It is better for an irresponsible driver to deal with the consequences of smashing into a bollard as opposed to innocent parties being injured. Don’t forget about the fact that vehicles have airbags to protect their occupants. Your Tampa building, clients, and employees have no such protection. This is precisely why you need a series of bollards positioned around the exterior of your Tampa Bay property.

Bollards Make Tampa a Safe Place

Let our bollard installation experts place bollards in front of your Tampa business or other structure. Our bollard installation process is surprisingly quick and unobtrusive. We mark the appropriate spaces, dig holes, mix the concrete, insert the bollards, secure the space and allow the concrete mix ample time to cure. Rely on our team for your bollard installation and you will rest easy knowing the best in the business have fortified your Tampa property.