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How to Tell if Concrete on Your Property is Aging

How to tell if your concrete is aging and if you need to make repairs or a replacement.

Concrete is a great option for sidewalks and parking lots due to its strength and durability. Keeping your concrete well-maintained is key to avoiding problems while saving you money. However, you may need to eventually consider repair work due to the effect of concrete aging.

Understanding how to recognize the signs of concrete aging is important in staying proactive. You can often make a few repairs instead of a full replacement. Reaching out to a concrete maintenance company in your area is always a wise decision in gaining access to professionals.

What is the Cause of the Problem?

Concrete can eventually wear down over time, as the average lifespan of a concrete sidewalk can range anywhere between 25 to 30 years. However, it’s possible you are only dealing with cosmetic issues that can easily be fixed, such as blistering on the concrete surface. On the other hand, signs of curling on the edge of the concrete surface are often the result of improper installation. Scheduling a replacement with an experienced contractor is essential in making sure the job is done right.

How Serious is the Issue?

Staying proactive by scheduling parking lot and sidewalk inspections once per year is a great way to identify any issues before they lead to a much bigger problem. These experienced professionals can quickly identify any problems to ensure you receive the best service for your situation. Ultimately, understanding the root cause of the problem is essential to determine if you need a few repairs or a full concrete replacement.

Here is an overview of a few of the most common issues with a concrete slab.

Broken Features

Edges of a concrete surface may eventually break or chip away over time due to weather or the outside elements. You will often notice this with concrete steps, which can be unsightly for business or property owners. Fortunately, you can easily take care of this common problem with a concrete patch.


Cracks will eventually appear within a concrete surface. While these cracks may be unattractive, they will most likely not force you to replace the concrete. However, concrete replacement may be a more cost-effective option if you notice a large number of cracks that are broken up into numerous areas across the surface.


Concrete can eventually change colors due to exposure to the sunlight or stains. Sometimes all you need is a stain remover to bring the concrete back to its original appearance. Surface repairs can also take care of this problem while giving the concrete a much-needed improvement in appearance for property managers.


Potholes can eventually appear in concrete, which is always an eyesore, and they can lead to safety issues. Repairing small potholes as soon as possible is the best way to prevent this problem from getting much worse. Scheduling pothole repairs is also key to avoiding damages to vehicles, which can result in costly expenses for your business.

Uneven Concrete Slab

Another common issue is that the slab can become uneven due to the ground shifting underneath. Tree roots can also cause major problems with the concrete slab, as it’s possible to make repairs if the problem is only confined to one specific area. On the other hand, replacing the concrete is a better option if the entire surface is impacted by unevenness.

Wear and Tear

Concrete aging can eventually happen due to wear and tear across the surface. You may notice small cracks or signs of chipping. These issues can often be covered up by a simple repair job to improve the appearance of the surface, which is much more affordable than concrete replacement.

Should You Repair or Replace Concrete?

Knowing if you should either repair or replace your concrete isn’t always an easy decision. Reaching out to concrete professionals in your area is a good idea if you need additional guidance. Typically, concrete repairs can be used for minor cracks, stains, small holes, broken steps, or blistering. On the other hand, concrete replacement is a better choice if you are dealing with problems that threaten the integrity of the surface, such as an uneven surface, poor installation, or many large cracks.

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