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10 Tips for Concrete Crack Repairs on Your Commercial Property

Concrete crack repairs are vital to the overall quality of your parking lot.

Concrete is a highly versatile material and preferred due to its exceptional durability. You can use it in sidewalks, parking bumpers, curbs, and gutters among many other areas on your property. After the material has been poured and cured, it’s exposed to weather and traffic which speed up deterioration. You can, however, prolong the lifespan of your investment through preventative maintenance and regular concrete crack repairs.

When completed the right way, preventative concrete maintenance prevents further damage. Below are 10 maintenance and repair tips to extend the lifespan of your concrete.

Concrete Preventative Maintenance and Repair Tips

Well maintained concrete retains an attractive look, functions soundly, and can last for decades. If you’re in Florida and realize cracking or settling of your concrete, be sure to seek professional concrete repair services.

1.     Regular Cleaning

Clean your concrete at least once a week by blowing or sweeping glass chippings, leaves, and any other debris. Leaving the surface unclean leads to dust accumulation of minor cracks on your concrete. With time, weeds grow through the cracks leading to expansion and further damage to your concrete surface.

2.     Removing Stains

Concrete is highly porous and will get stained as soon as the oil spill happens. To prevent the spills from staining and eventually damaging your concrete, be sure to clean them up as soon as they occur.

3.     Protective Coating

A protective coating makes your concrete surface resistant to chemical spills, slows deterioration, and gives it an attractive finish.

4.     Applying Sealant

Concrete sealant should be applied after every few years to maintaining the color and quality of your concrete. The exercise needs to be done as part of concrete crack repairs. Before application, the contractor deep cleans the surface and then allows the sealant to dry thoroughly to cure.

5.     Chips and Indentation Repair

Over time, your concrete is likely to chip or indent and requires immediate repair to prevent severe damage. The affected areas are filled using caulk and then evened out to prevent dirt and debris accumulation which further damages the concrete.

6.     Concrete Crack Repairs

The type of concrete repairs depends on the size of cracks on your property. If you have small cracks, your parking lot maintenance contractor uses a concrete injection crack repair method. In case the cracks are large, the parking lot repair team uses a concrete patch kit to fill them up.

7.     Color Stain

After concrete crack repairs, you may need to apply a color stain on the repaired areas to hide the repaired cracks. Color stain also gives your concrete a brand-new look and an attractive design.

8.     Slabjacking

If your concrete starts sinking, it requires immediate slab jacking before it causes severe damage to your property. The process levels the soil beneath the slab, preventing your patio or parking lot from sinking.

9.     Concrete Parking Lot Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing should be done when you note your investment looking more patched than flat. When resurfacing, the contractor may add color to the resurfaced area to give your concrete a brand new look

10. Parking Lot Marking

Ensure your parking lot area is well marked to direct the drivers and pedestrians, hence increase the safety of your parking lot. A well-marked parking lot creates a great first impression for people accessing your property.

Parking Lot Services in Tampa Specializes in Concrete and Asphalt Repair in Tampa

Concrete cracks repairs and maintenance is an ongoing process that needs to be handled by a professional contractor. Concrete crack repairs in Tampa needs to be done as soon as the cracks appear before they enlarge. Immediate repair also prevents your concrete from crumbling, demanding structural repair.

If your concrete investment requires repair, call us at Parking Lot Services in Tampa. Our team will provide a no-cost consultation for concrete repair to ensure the concrete on your property looks and functions well all year round.