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How Does Hot Weather Affect Concrete?

Find out why pouring concrete in hot weather can be challenging for contractors.

Pouring concrete in hot weather is a reality for contractors in the Tampa Bay area, whether it’s during the Spring or the middle of Summer. Keeping a few tips in mind is important for installing concrete in hot weather. Failure to follow these recommendations can decrease the lifespan of the concrete and lead to a wide range of problems for your parking lot. Working with an experienced parking lot maintenance company is always a good idea to ensure the job is done right.

Here is an overview of the different challenges of pouring concrete in hot weather.


One of the potential problems of installing concrete in hot weather conditions is evaporation. Pouring concrete in the middle of a warm day with high winds can often result in moisture loss and plastic shrinkage cracking. However, it’s possible for water to condense on the surface of the concrete if it’s at least 18°F cooler than the air. An experienced contractor will keep these things in mind to ensure concrete cures properly without any issues.

Slump Loss

Pouring concrete during hot weather can sometimes cause slump loss. It’s a good idea to include additional mixing water to avoid these problems. On the other hand, failure to do this can significantly lower the compressive strength of the concrete. Modifying the concrete mix beforehand can maintain the strength of the concrete, which reduces the need for parking lot repair in the future.

Thermal Differences

Balancing the temperature of the concrete during installation is key to avoiding thermal cracking. For example, you are likely to get surface cracking in the concrete if the thermal differential is higher than 20°F. Making sure these temperatures are similar is essential for pouring concrete in hot weather conditions in Florida.

How to Prepare for These Challenges in Hot Weather Conditions?

Hiring an experienced contractor is the first step in making sure you are satisfied with the final results. These experienced professionals can use a variety of methods to avoid common mistakes during concrete sets. For example, chemical additives are often used to delay the setting time during high wind speed conditions.

Even water and ice can be added to the mixture to cool concrete during hot weather. Spraying water to keep the concrete cool is also helpful. Liquid nitrogen is another effective option to reduce concrete heat during installation.

Tips on How to Prepare for Concrete Pouring Process

Following a few tips can help you avoid common mistakes while pouring concrete in hot weather. For example, scheduling concrete installation in the early morning or late evening is better than in the middle of the day.

Using sunshades and windbreaks during installation is also key to limiting the impact of UV rays. Evaporation retarders can help to keep the concrete moist to prevent it from drying out too soon.

How Long is the Setting Time for Concrete?

The setting time for concrete is highly dependent on the temperature and weather conditions. Concrete can set after four hours at 80°F, but this time is reduced to less than three hours at 90°F. Typically, concrete can set anywhere between eight to 48 hours during normal weather, as it will reach 70% of its strength within a week. However, it can take up to 28 days for concrete to cure and reach its full strength.

An experienced concrete installer will keep all of these things in mind during installation to ensure your concrete properly sets without any problems.

Why Concrete is a Great Choice for Parking Lots

Installing a concrete parking lot can be challenging, but it’s well worth the effort. A concrete parking lot offers a wide range of benefits, whether it’s superior strength to asphalt or its longer lifespan.

A freshly paved concrete parking lot is also a great way to make a strong impression on visitors. Concrete parking lots only require a minimal amount of maintenance, which is especially important for business owners. Working with a company specializing in concrete installation is key to experiencing all of these benefits.

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