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How to Repair Deteriorating Concrete on Commercial Properties

Here are a few tips on how to repair deteriorating concrete on your commercial property.

Concrete can eventually deteriorate due to age and some environmental exposure. Shrinking can result in cracks once the concrete dries after installation. One of the most effective ways to take care of these problems is to reach out to a company that offers concrete repair services.

These professionals can use a variety of methods to repair your concrete to ensure it looks brand new again and that it will last for many years. Scheduling professional concrete services will also save you time while giving you peace of mind to know that the job is done right.

Here are a few tips on how to replace deteriorating concrete for your business.

Many times, traditional construction material and products can be used to repair crumbling concrete. Deteriorating concrete is often a surface blemish, as the concrete structure is usually still in good shape. A concrete patch is the easiest way to take care of this problem, as it will last for many years before you need to consider a replacement.

How to Perform Concrete Repair

Mixing Portland cement with coarse clean sand is all you need to do for a concrete patch that doesn’t exceed 3/8th of an inch in thickness. This mixture often resembles a bricklayer’s mortar. You will need to mix two parts sand to one part cement to create the perfect balance.

One of the best ways to ensure the material permanently bonds with the existing concrete is to apply cement paint on the concrete before you use the patching mixture. You can easily create cement paint by adding water to Portland cement and mixing it together until it maintains the same consistency as latex paint. It’s also important to ensure the concrete is free of dust, and you will need to lightly spray water on it before using the cement paint for the best results.

Afterward, you can use a wood trowel to match the texture of the existing concrete once the patching mixture begins to dry. Covering the concrete patch for at least three days is a good idea to increase the strength of the concrete. Keeping the surface of the concrete patch damp with water is also important during this process.

How to Repair Bigger Defects in Concrete

Deteriorating concrete will often get worse over time if you don’t repair it. You will need to add small stones to the mixture if you are repairing deeper concrete defects or missing chunks. The best mixture is two parts sand, three parts stone, while also including 1.5 parts Portland cement for reinforcing concrete. You will also need to use the same mixture of cement paint to ensure you can bond the new concrete with the old.

Modern epoxies are also available to fill in the cracks on concrete. All you need to do is make a purchase at a hardware store and follow the directions on the label. Using epoxy is a great way to drastically change the appearance of concrete and make it appear brand new again.

Advantages of Using Professionals for Crack Filling

Trying to repair concrete on your own is often a time-consuming experience for most businesses. Reaching out to a local company that offers concrete repair work will save you a lot of time and make it much easier to focus on your business operations. These professionals use the latest equipment and techniques in the industry to make concrete repairs and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Contact PLS to Help You With Deteriorating Concrete

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