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Suggestions for Effective Parking Lot Maintenance in Tampa

Follow these tips for truly effective parking lot maintenance in Tampa.

Parking lot maintenance in Tampa is more than simply pushing a broom across a surface. Parking lot maintenance includes everything from analyzing surfaces to the aforementioned sweeping, resurfacing the pavement, and correcting cracks and potholes. If the maintenance and repairs are completed in a timely manner, the surface will prove that much more durable and useful.

Parking Lot Maintenance in Tampa Starts With an Inspection

Regularly clean your parking lot surface and it will be that much easier to prevent damage as time progresses. Take a close look at the surface for fading, cracks, and additional failures that have the potential to spur liability issues. The sooner these problems can be identified, the less costly repairs will be and the safer your property will be.

Regular Cleanings

Parking area surfaces should be cleaned with regularity. Such frequent cleanings can prevent considerable damage. Parking lot surfaces must be cleaned once per month at a minimum. The elimination of all debris including trash, leaves, and all other items is essential to parking lot maintenance in Tampa. Furthermore, if there are oil or gas spills, this is the time to eliminate them. If such spills are allowed to remain in place for an extended period of time, the surface will gradually deteriorate.

Parking Lots Should be Sealcoated Every Couple of Years

A new layer of sealcoat should be applied every couple years or as required based on the condition of your parking lot. The addition of a new layer of sealcoat will help prevent the surface’s breakdown. For the most part, parking lots should be sealcoated once every couple years. However, if your lot endures considerable wear and tear, sealcoating might be necessary before the two-year mark is reached.

Parking Lot Maintenance in Tampa: Address Potholes

Potholes develop when water is trapped below the surface, causing expansion and contraction as the temperature fluctuates. Potholes can be repaired with a cleaning, heating, and addition of a new aggregate mix.

Redesign the Parking Lot Every Few Years

Redesigning your parking lot can improve its condition and ensure it remains functional across posterity. Analyze your property to determine which portions are driven over at a high frequency. These areas will display more signs of wear. Alter the parking arrangement and stripes to minimize wear from occurring in the same areas over and over again.

However, this is not to say you should redesign your parking lot with regularity. Strategic redesigns performed every couple of years will ensure you get the most out of your lot.

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