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How Are Speed Bumps Made

How Are Speed Bumps Made?

What to Know About Speed Bumps

Tampa Parking Lots of all Varieties Require Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are essential to Tampa parking lots of all styles, shapes, and sizes. We are here to install the perfect speed bumps in your Tampa parking lot. Let our speed bump experts get to work on your lot and you will find traffic flows in a much more orderly manner once speed bumps are strategically placed. We also provide asphalt paving services and seal coating to boot.

Professional Speed Bump Installation

Do not make the mistake of attempting to install speed bumps in your Tampa parking lot on your own. Speed bumps, paving, seal coating and general parking lot repairs and maintenance are best left to the true professionals. Our talented team is handpicked to take on these challenging projects. We put each employee through extensive training to ensure they perform absolutely flawless speed bump installation, paving, seal coating and other services for Tampa parking lots.

Why Tampa Parking Lots Need Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are fairly minor obstructions yet they play an important role in keeping Tampa parking lots safe and orderly. An effective speed bump slows traffic down to allow pedestrians to cross walkways and other areas to enter and exit the building. The last thing you need is for people to zoom through your parking lot unimpeded and create hazardous conditions for pedestrians and fellow drivers.

A Look at how Speed Bumps are Made

Speed bumps installed in Tampa parking lots are different from those placed on streets and other spaces. The average speed bump is about three to four feet wide. These bumps usually rise to about three inches in height. When properly built, speed bumps have a gradual radius that prevents damage to automobiles that travel across the parking lot.

The Speed Bump Installation Process

The process begins by marking the areas selected for the placement of speed bumps. Our crew will clean this space of all debris, dirt and other unsavory particles. The existing pavement surface is keyed. An installation space is coated with liquid asphalt. Hot mix surface asphalt is applied to a maximum height of three and a half inches.

A liquid asphalt seal along the adjoining edge of the space to stop moisture from penetrating. Heavy-duty reflective paint specifically designed for traffic is used, so those driving across the parking lot can easily identify the speed bump and slow their speed. The result is a durable speed bump that slows traffic on your Tampa property to dramatically reduce the chances of an accident.

High-quality Speed Bumps are a Phone Call Away

Our speed bumps are designed to take a pounding from sport utility vehicles, trucks and other large vehicles and continue to serve their purpose. Yet these speed bumps won’t ruin the aesthetic appeal of your property. We go to great lengths to construct durable and reliable speed bumps that can endure the wrath of Tampa’s notoriously harsh storms. These speed bumps maintain their integrity much longer than those installed by our competitors across Tampa.

Ask your fellow Tampa business owners, managers and other property owners about the quality of our speed bumps and you will find our work is revered throughout the community. We provide free consultations and quotes. You have absolutely nothing to lose by contacting us today for more information about the installation of speed bumps in your Tampa parking lot.