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Is Concrete Waterproof?

Find out if concrete is waterproof while also learning tips on how to protect your concrete from the elements.

Installing concrete on your property is a great investment due to its durability. Concrete sidewalks can often last up to 30 years or longer with proper maintenance and care. Many business owners often wonder if concrete is waterproof? While concrete isn’t waterproof, you can take extra steps to prevent water from seeping into your concrete.

Working with professionals specializing in concrete maintenance is also a great way to save money while maximizing your property’s curb appeal.

Why is Concrete Not Waterproof?

Concrete is a specific blend of cement, sand, and gravel. Water is used to mix these materials together. As the water evaporates, it leaves behind small air spaces. All these different holes are like your body’s capillary system, which makes the concrete porous. The amount of water that is used during the mixing of concrete also makes a big impact on how much air is within the concrete.

Using more water during the mixing process causes the concrete to become even more porous and less water-resistant. Building a concrete foundation near the water table also increases the risk of experiencing problems in the future.

How Does Water Damage Concrete?

Water can eventually damage concrete and cause it to degrade over time. This can often happen if too much water saturates the concrete or if water vapor gets within the pores. You will need to schedule concrete repair work much sooner than normal due to water damage.

Constantly scheduling repairs or installing brand-new concrete can get expensive. This is why it’s important to take proactive steps to protect your investment. Using waterproofing products is a great way to give your concrete an added layer of protection against the elements.

Tips on How to Waterproof Concrete

One of the best ways to make concrete walls or a sidewalk water-resistant is by working with an experienced contractor that uses top-quality aggregates. A skilled contractor also understands how to use the proper water-to-cement ratio to help maximize the durability of concrete. Finding the right balance is key. Using an excess amount of water causes the concrete to become more porous. Not using enough water makes it impossible to compact the concrete.

More Ways to Protect Concrete 

Finding the right mixture during installation is just one of the many ways to protect your concrete. Water repellency can also be achieved through the use of integral waterproofing. This method for water resistance is highly effective due to it being internal, as it won’t wear out over time. Integral waterproofing also makes it easier to repair concrete cracks. It’s also a cost-effective option for property owners.

Water-Resistant Coating Options

Another choice for making concrete waterproof is to use water-resistant coating options. Using this method is a great alternative if you already have existing concrete that needs to be protected from the elements. You can choose from a variety of sealants to help waterproof your concrete. Using sealants also offers other benefits, such as preventing stains and cracks.

Partner With Professionals for Concrete Waterproofing

Concrete is naturally porous, which makes it prone to experiencing water damage over time. Taking a proactive approach by waterproofing your concrete is essential to protecting your investment, especially if your area is prone to standing water. Keeping water out of your concrete increases its durability, and it can save you a lot of money. Discussing all of your different options with a contractor can help you find the best solution for keeping your concrete well-protected against water damage.

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