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How Should You Maintain Concrete in Tampa?

A look at the basics of concrete and how it should be maintained.

Concrete is just about as durable as it gets yet it will require some care and maintenance. Spend the little bit of time and money necessary to keep your concrete in tip-top shape and it will serve you well in the years to come. Here is a look at some helpful tips that will help you get the most out of your concrete.

Be Careful With Stain Removal

If your concrete is stained, do not apply any type of harsh acid. Opt for a product designed to eliminate the stain. Furthermore, the stain removal product you select should be cleared for concrete maintenance. Though concrete can be sealed to stop those ugly stains from setting in, staining is still possible.

Concrete Maintenance in Tampa: Sealing Must be Performed With Care

The concrete has to cure and dry after being laid so it is prepared for a sealing. The time required hinges on factors like the temperature, weather, conditions of the building, and so on. If alkali remains in the concrete, it will have to be neutralized prior to sealing.
The cleaning and sealing of concrete should be performed with regularity. Think of this project just like any other type of home improvement project. The specific frequency of the sealing will be determined by the level of traffic in the area. Vehicle traffic matters as does foot traffic and even water and chemicals that contact the concrete.

Seal at the Appropriate Frequency

Those experienced in concrete maintenance in Tampa recommend resealing in two to three-year increments. Wait any longer and you will likely find the color fades. Similar to waxing a vehicle, resealing the stamped concrete and color will make the surface look fantastic. Even if the hue eventually fades, there is no reason to worry as there are several ways to renew it. Bolstering the seal is the optimal defense for effective concrete maintenance in Tampa.

How Petro-chemicals Affect Concrete

Petro-chemicals like WD40, grease, and oils along with additional petroleum-based chemicals will negatively impact concrete. These sprays and liquids will move through the sealer and cause ugly concrete staining. One of the keys to successful concrete maintenance in Tampa is to prevent the chemicals from remaining on the surface for an extended period of time.

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