A Look at the Functionality of Manhole Covers

Manhole covers are commonly overlooked. Most Tampa Bay residents drive and walk over manhole covers without a second thought. They certainly serve an important purpose, even if they are not exactly eye-catching.

The Manhole Covers in the United States

The oldest manhole cover foundry catalog reaches back to 1860. Cast-iron manhole covers have been produced by ironworks in our country for the past two centuries. In some instances, these covers weighed upwards of 300 pounds. Most manhole covers have been round in shape yet some have been square shaped and rectangular shaped.

Most people are surprised to learn little has changed in the context of manhole cover design since the 1870s. Yet the manner in which the manhole covers are installed and the materials used to make them have changed in this period of time.

Manhole Risers

Risers are the most effective and affordable means of raising manholes to grade. This is the universally accepted solution following the repaving of streets with a lift of new asphalt. Manholes that are allowed to remain uneven ultimately end up with poor quality pavement unless they are sufficiently raised. Once risers are in place there is no need to return to the road after it is resurfaced to adjust utilities so they align with the new surface. Risers are essential to absorbing the impact of traffic that contacts the upper portion of the manhole frame. If risers aren’t in place, manholes end up too low, causing damage to automobiles and bicyclists.

Risers Will Save You Money

Some Tampa businesses opt to ignore manholes and pave right over them amidst an overlay project. This method necessitates jackhammering the pavement around the casting, eliminating the debris and lifting the casing with another piece of equipment. There is also the matter of rebuilding the supporting concrete. In the end, the manhole must be addressed. If it is overlayed with asphalt, it will eventually be necessary to return to jackhammer it up. This will end up being much more expensive than a riser. Risers are the most cost-effective solution for manholes.

A large part of the appeal of adjustable risers is they do not require excavation. Nor is it necessary to disrupt new pavement. No digging, hauling or replacing of materials is required. The manhole lid is removed, the seat and sidewalls of the frame are cleaned and the adjustable riser is positioned within the frame. The riser is expanded so it has a tight fit. The lid is then returned and the job is complete.

PLS is Here for Your Manhole Covers and Risers Needs

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