There are several different approaches to parking line grinding. The key is to remove paint from the pavement in as little time as possible. Our team knows exactly how to do this to help make the most of your property.

The Process

This process starts with a wire brush and rags. A cutting agent is necessary in order to retrieve the paint. It certainly helps to wipe up the paint prior to it completely drying. The area in question is then thoroughly scrubbed.

Removing the Old Line

The pavement is then scarred with scratching. Scarring the road basically means eliminating the old line and taking a bit of the road/surface during the process. This can be done with a machine called a Scarifier. It grinds off the lines from Tampa properties with precision.

Cleaning Up

There will inevitably be some debris following grinding a parking lot. The debris can be, collected with a blower and/or a large dustpan and broom then placed in large buckets. Once the debris is grouped, it can be swept up to preserve the integrity and appearance of your Tampa parking lot. Our team will haul away extra debris created during the project.

The Final Touch

A machine similar to a sandblaster that uses metal shot helps the paint obtain a better grip and ultimately stand the test of time. Shot blast the appropriate areas of your Tampa property and you will rest easy knowing your new paint will stay strong and clear.

The shot blaster basically breaks in the surface by hitting it with metal BBs. This process also removes the undesired portion that you do not want. The new surface is similar to that prickly feeling you get from the sidewalk. It can then either be left as is or painted so the paint properly grips the surface and proves indelible.

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