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How to Choose a Parking Lot Maintenance Company for Asphalt Repair

A few simple tips on how to find the best parking lot maintenance company for your business.

Keeping your parking lot well-maintained is a major responsibility for business owners. Hiring a parking lot maintenance company is a great way to remain proactive by keeping your asphalt pavement in excellent condition throughout the year. These professionals will take care of cracks and potholes to ensure your parking lot will last for many years. Following a maintenance plan for commercial properties will even boost the curb appeal of your business and help you attract many more customers.

Here are some tips on how to find the best parking lot maintenance company to meet your needs.

Always Do Your Research

One of the first steps in finding an asphalt maintenance company is to do your research in advance before making a decision. Looking at online reviews for a paving contractor can help you determine if they are the right fit or if you need to look at other options. Asking for recommendations from other facility managers and business owners in the Tampa area is also helpful in finding a contractor with an excellent reputation in the asphalt paving and repair industry.

Verify Certifications

Checking to see if a parking lot maintenance company is licensed and insured is important in keeping your business protected. A commercial parking lot contractor that’s a member of well-known associations is also key in developing trust. On the other hand, hiring an unknown asphalt paving contractor without verifying their certifications is always a risky decision that can cost your business a significant sum of money.

Ask About Experience

Not all asphalt repair companies are equal. A relatively new company with minimal experience in the industry may offer a lower price but provide sub-standard service due to a lack of experience or skill. However, working with a parking lot maintenance company with many years of experience is often a much safer choice. Asking about their experience in the asphalt industry can help you determine if they are the right company for making repairs on your asphalt parking lot.

Consider Customer Service

Working with an asphalt maintenance company that doesn’t value customer service is never a fun experience. A lack of customer service can happen in a variety of ways, whether it’s not returning your phone calls or if you are dealing with constant delays on a project. Bad customer service is always unprofessional, and it can quickly sour any relationship. Partnering with an asphalt company that values its customers is important in creating a much smoother and less stressful process.

Understand Scope of Work

Comparing multiple bids between asphalt repair companies isn’t easy if the scope of work is unclear. One company may only be providing a bid for repairing potholes while another is also including the cost for fixing cracks in the pavement. Providing a clear scope of work is the best way to eliminate any confusion, and it will help to ensure you are satisfied with the end results. Ultimately, taking the time to create a detailed scope of work is always worth the effort.

Choose a Local Contractor

Hiring a contractor that’s local to your community is always the best choice. A local asphalt contractor will have extensive knowledge of building codes and any other special requirements for your area. A well-known parking lot contractor in your community is also much more likely to do a superior job compared to a company that doesn’t have any local connections.

It’s also much easier to reach out to a local contractor if you have any questions about a safety hazard or need additional repair work without having to wait for an extended period of time.

Learn About Other Services

Building a long-term relationship with an asphalt maintenance company is a worthwhile option for business owners. These companies often provide many other services besides pothole repairs.

For example, scheduling sealcoating services are a great way to protect your pavement against UV rays and the outside elements. An asphalt sealer will also give your parking lot a fresh appearance, which is especially important in helping you to attract new customers. Learning about all of the available services is essential for keeping a maintained parking lot.

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