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Border - Pothole Patching - A Fast Remedy to Potholes

Pothole Patching – A Fast Remedy to Potholes

A property with potholes can be an unsafe space. The problem of potholes only gets worse with time. The last thing you need as a business owner or manager is a lawsuit stemming from a pothole that damaged a vehicle or injured a visitor. Pothole patching is the rapid solution for you need to remedy those pesky potholes and keep your property safe for drivers and pedestrians.

About Asphalt Patching

Asphalt pothole patches are portions of pavement removed and subsequently replaced with brand new material. Patches are typically relied upon for the filling of potholes that are created when especially thin asphalt is no longer able to endure the pressure of the massive loads above. The pressure causes base failure. The problem is exacerbated when drainage weakens the base and subgrade that much more.

The Types of Pothole Patching

Two main types of pothole patching for parking lot repair exist. Peel and pave, also referred to as full-depth patching, is performed when it is necessary to remove a full layer of the pavement surface. This layer is removed to the subbase. A new subbase is implemented along with a brand new tack coat.

The other option for patching potholes is known as surface patching. This is more of a temporary solution in which asphalt that is in decent condition is treated. The primary difference between surface patching and full-depth patching is the current subbase or surface are not removed in surface patching. Rather, the asphalt is layered atop current surfaces and feathered to ensure it suits the grade that is in-place.

Size and Permanency

Some pothole patching is temporary while other patches are localized permanent. Each type is applicable to comparably small areas. If large portions of asphalt are compromised, patching probably won’t suffice.

Gauging Patch Severity

Three primary patching classifications exist: high, medium, and low. The high variety is completed with a full depth patching that remedies alligator cracking. This form of repair involves the removal of an asphalt section including damaged materials. The hole is refilled with the matched pavement that is as at least as formidable as the materials initially used.

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