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How to Prepare for Parking Lot Sealcoating in Tampa

Considering a sealcoating? Follow these steps to prepare your parking lot accordingly.

If you are thinking about having your property sealcoated, you are on the right track. Your parking lot should be sealcoated every two or three years at a minimum. You can do a few things on your own to prepare for your parking lot sealcoating in Tampa.

Clear the Lot

The first step is to clear out the parking lot. It should be thoroughly cleaned prior to the parking lot sealcoating. If a comprehensive clean is not performed, the sealcoating will simply end up atop debris, dirt, and other gunk. The last thing you want to do is lock in leaves, dust, candy wrappers, and other items beneath the sealant. Furthermore, such objects stop the sealant from sticking to the asphalt as intended.
Cleaning this space might seem like a large project, yet there is no reason to be concerned. The use of a large broom and pressure washer will suffice to eliminate debris. If your parking lot is especially large, you will likely need a professional cleaner with a specialized cleaning machine.

Holes and Cracks Must be Repaired Prior to the Sealcoating

After the lot has been cleaned, give it a once-over to pinpoint areas of damage. If there are large potholes, they should be patched. Cracks and other flaws should be repaired and given plenty of time to dry and cure prior to the parking lot sealcoating in Tampa.

Zero in on Areas With Oil

You might notice oil spots on your lot after sweeping and cleaning it. Pay close attention to these areas. These problems must be tended to prior to the parking lot sealcoating in Tampa. The oil might stop adhesion if you use a certain sealant. Oily stains can also move on up through the sealant, giving the lot a stained aesthetic. This outcome can be prevented by applying oil spot primers atop the oil-stained areas. The primer will seal the spot. Sealant added over this space will subsequently bond to the primer.

Let Sealcoating Professionals get to Work

Once you have done the little bit of preparatory work noted above, it is time for the parking lot sealcoating in Tampa. Sealant is added once every two or three years so be sure to rely on the proven professionals to do the job right. Our team will perform your parking lot sealcoating to perfection, get your property in top-notch condition and make it that much easier to impress customers.

PLS Parking Lot Sealcoating in Tampa

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