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10 Tips for Sidewalk Maintenance for Your Business

Here are a few tips to remember for sidewalk maintenance.

Sidewalk maintenance is essential for the safety of your customers and employees while also maintaining curb appeal. Contacting a company that offers concrete services is an excellent way to keep your sidewalk looking great at all times. These professionals can easily repair a damaged sidewalk while also offering a variety of concrete services for businesses.

Here are a few of the main tips to consider for sidewalk repair and maintenance.

1) Keep Concrete Sidewalk Clean

One of the best ways to keep your sidewalk well-maintained is to keep it clean. You can clean a sidewalk in a variety of ways, such as using a leaf blower to remove debris or a water hose to remove any spills. Cleaning your sidewalk on a regular basis is an excellent way to stay proactive and help you avoid costly repairs.

2) Reseal Sidewalk Every Few Years

Another way to keep your sidewalk looking great is to reseal it every few years. Resealing your sidewalk will extend its lifespan while also protecting it against the outside elements. Reaching out to a local business that offers parking lot maintenance is a great option to ensure the job is done right.

3) Repair Small or Large Cracks

Small spider cracks can eventually appear on your sidewalk over time. However, you can easily use concrete caulking to fill the cracks and avoid further damage. A concrete patch kit is also an effective way to repair larger cracks on a sidewalk.

4) Use a Pressure Washer

Pressure washing your sidewalk on a yearly basis is a great way to keep it clean and well-maintained. Using a psi of 3,000 or higher will allow you to easily clean your sidewalk and dramatically improve its appearance.

5) Remove Stains

Stains are always an unsightly appearance that can ruin the curb appeal of your sidewalk. Removing these stains as soon as possible is essential in keeping your sidewalk well-maintained and looking great. You can purchase various items to soak up a spill while also using dish soap and water to remove a stain.

6) Use Caulk for Chips and Indentations

Another tip for sidewalk maintenance is to use caulk for small chips and indentations. Repairing these small chips will prevent dirt and other debris from causing additional damage to your sidewalk.

7) Resurface Concrete

Choosing to resurface a concrete sidewalk is a great way to give it a brand new appearance. Resurfacing a sidewalk is much more affordable than replacing it, and it can play a key role in helping you attract more customers.

8) Limit Use

Concrete is a highly durable material, but it can eventually crack due to excess weight. Keeping your sidewalk free from over-sized vehicles or heavy construction equipment is critical in maintaining stability and avoiding long-term damage.

9) Use a Color Stain

One way to hide repaired cracks on a sidewalk is to apply a color stain. You can choose from a variety of finishes to give your sidewalk a fresh new appearance. A company that offers sidewalk repair can help you choose the best finish for your business.

10) Reach Out to Professionals

Trying to keep your sidewalk well-maintained on your own isn’t an easy task for business owners. Reaching out to professionals that specializes in concrete repair is a great way to keep your sidewalk looking great to boost the curb appeal of your business.

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