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What is Concrete Crack Injection?

26087300-1000-ffccccccWhite-3333-0.20.3-1 Crack injection is a cost-effective, reliable, and permanent method for repairing concrete foundations. Even if a crack is not leaking now, water will eventually find it. The good news is that low-pressure crack injection can prevent leaking and water damage that will inevitably lead to expensive foundation repair or replacement. The purpose of concrete crack injection is to fill the crack, from the front to back, with epoxy or polyurethane. Low-pressure epoxy crack injection is effective for filling cracks in walls that are up to one inch wide and one foot thick.

If your concrete foundation is cracked or leaking, get in touch with a concrete repair provider in Tampa to learn if concrete crack injection is right for you. Crack injection is just one form of concrete repair, so contact an expert to determine which method of concrete repair is right for your specific situation.