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ADA Compliance & Parking Lot Facilities

Your responsibility to provide parking areas that are in ADA compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 is not a customer courtesy. Parking lot ADA compliance is the law and failing to comply could cost you as much as $500 a day. You might think that you are safe because your property predates 1990 and is grandfathered under the act. This is a common misconception; in March of 2012, every building owner became responsible for complying with title three of the ADA. It guarantees persons with disabilities accommodations and access that is equal to the public in regards to commercial and public facilities.

Simply put, the law states that your parking must not contain any barrier to entry by handicapped individuals. This includes removing excessive slopes, broken or damaged pavement and providing adequate properly designated parking spaces and access aisles. Your parking lot must provide ramps that follow ADA compliance guidelines and access ways that provide a stable, firm and slip-resistant surface to help prevent accidental injury.

ADA Compliance

The aim of the law is to provide national standards to improve access for people with disabilities. It covers everything from the width of doorways, Braille markings on elevators and most importantly for you, the condition of your parking area. Parking lot ADA compliance requires every parking lot must contain one handicapped space in every 25 regular parking spaces. Every parking lot is now required to contain at least two extra wide parking spaces for lift-equipped vehicles.

How can you know if your parking lot is in ADA compliance? Be proactive; do your homework to find out what your local, county or state ADA compliance requirements are. You might have to change your parking lot striping to provide enough handicap accessible spaces. Changing from straight to angled parking spots might give you more spaces and help provide the extra room for wider ADA compliance parking lot spaces for wheelchair lift vans. A certified paving contractor from PLS will be happy to advise you as to the most cost efficient way to implement the needed changes or repairs.

You are responsible for providing safe ADA compliance parking if you own or manage public accommodations or commercial facilities. Don’t delay; get your certified paving contractor out to inspect your site. Regular lot maintenance and repair will ensure your property is safe, attractive and in ADA compliance.