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5 ADA Parking Requirements for Parking Lots in Tampa Bay

ADA parking lot requirements.

As you’re probably aware, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted in 1990 and has done wonders for protecting the rights of disabled men, women, and children. It provides assurances that those with disabilities won’t be discriminated against, in addition to setting rules and regulations to ensure that they are treated equally and as fairly as possible.

When constructing a parking lot in Tampa Bay, there are very specific ADA parking requirements that encompass a series of handicap parking rules which must be adhered to during any new construction or repair. Let’s take a look at the basic rules that a reputable asphalt company in Tampa Bay will follow to ensure ADA compliance.

Proper Signage

Proper signage is necessary to ensure that anyone using the parking lot can understand where to go in a vehicle while on foot, the locations of the exits, and other such functions. The basic guidelines to meet ADA parking requirements are as follows:

  • Signage baseline — Must be set between 48 and 60 inches.
  • Single door — Signage must be mounted on the side of the latch.
  • Double door — Signage must be mounted on the right side.
  • Overhead sign — Must be mounted 80 inches off the ground.
  • Signage dimensions – Depth of 0.8mm and letter height of 16-51mm.

Parking Spaces

As you’re surely aware, parking spaces are an extremely important component of maintaining proper ADA parking requirements. To meet ADA compliance, parking spaces must follow these basic rules:

  • Close route — If the route is near the parking space, wheel stops must be installed. This will prevent automobiles from going below 36 inches.
  • Access aisles — Across all directions, an access aisle’s width must be 60 inches w/o the installation of ramps.

Concrete Ramps

The installation of ADA ramps in Tampa is another necessary component of parking lots because they allow wheelchair users to conveniently and safely get where they need to go. Follow these simple rules for concrete ramps to be in compliance:

  • Slope ratio — Must adhere to a 1:12 ratio for compliance.
  • Handrails — Must be between 34-38 inches above the ramp on both sides.

Accessible Spaces

Handicapped parking spaces allow disabled persons to park close to an elevator, exit, or another area with the express purpose of convenience. Here are the basic guidelines:

  • Ratio — Minimum of one accessible handicapped space per 25 parking spaces.
  • Vans — Minimum of one van-accessible space for every 6 handicapped spaces.
  • Routes — Each accessible space must lead to the shortest available route to the entrance or building facility.

Adjoining Lots

The ADA is very thorough in many of his rules and regulations, leaving absolutely nothing to chance in most cases. They even have a provision for adjoining lots, which are:

  • Adjoining parking spaces — With these or with lots where the obstruction has a height greater than 0.5 feet, the parking space width must be raised two feet on the side of the obstruction.
  • Curb ramp slopes — Adjoining gutters must be adjacent to the accessible route or must be at a maximum ratio of 1:20.

Additional Tip:

Access Aisles

In order to accommodate all needs for individuals protected by ADA, there are rules for the access aisles as well. To be within compliance, construction must follow these guidelines:

  • Parallel location — Access aisles must be parallel to the passenger loading zone.
  • Dimensions — Access aisles must be 60 inches in width by 20 feet in length.
  • Parameters —Curb ramps must not project into the aisle access.
  • Uniformity — Access aisles must be uniform across all directions (cross slope and running slope).
  • Positioning — Access aisles must be positions at both sides of the access aisle, with the exception of a van parking area.

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