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benefits of speed humps

Benefits Of Speed Humps – How Speed Bumps Help Health & Safety

The Many Reasons to Have Speed Bumps Installed on Your Tampa Bay Property

Though we all dread those unexpected speed bumps, they are put in place for a reason. Speed bumps have an array of safety and health benefits. Often referred to as “sleeping policemen”, speed bumps perform functions similar to traffic cops. Thankfully, speed bumps are much cheaper than a policeman’s salary!

Speed bumps force drivers to slow down so they can pass on through without enduring an uncomfortable rise and fall. Going too fast over speed bumps can even damage the vehicle. This is precisely why so many business owners and governments put their faith in speed bumps to slow traffic and save innocent lives. These bumps spread across nearly the entire width of the road with the sole purpose of forcing vehicles to slow down. In the end, a properly positioned speed bump really does have the potential to save a life and prevent a business from being slapped with a lawsuit.

Where Speed Bumps are Used

A significant percentage of speed bumps are placed in residential neighborhoods. Drivers in suburban spaces and even residential areas in urban settings tend to drive faster than they realize. Drivers in these areas tend to assume that the lack of traffic, noise and other stimulation gives them license to zoom on through at a high rate of speed.

The truth is that most residential neighborhoods have a low speed limit. Drivers often speed on through without even realizing they are exceeding the posted limit. Speed bumps are also used in business parking lots, especially in spaces where pedestrians tend to walk. Even parking garages feature speed bumps as a means of slowing down vehicles that are maneuvering through cramped spaces.

Additional Reasons to Install Speed Bumps

Aside from slowing down drivers, speed bumps also serve other purposes when properly positioned. When placed on the street, speed bumps create convenient walking paths for pedestrians. This is precisely why speed bumps are typically positioned in areas where people walk at a high frequency.

Differences in Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are designed with an array of sizes, shapes and materials. This flexibility in aesthetics allows property owners to have their speed bumps customized in unique ways. The size of the speed bump determines the speed at which the driver will be able to cross the road without enduring a major bump or damage to his vehicle.

It is even possible to alter the speed bump material to coordinate with the surroundings. Modify the width and height of the speed bump and speed can be even further controlled. In the end, well-placed and properly designed speed bumps will protect pedestrians as well as drivers.