Curb Appeal and Retail Property Value

Your business is much more than the services you provide, products on your shelf, a fancy logo or slick marketing campaigns. Your business is you; everything in it presents an image of you for the whole world to see. How the world sees you ultimately determines the success or failure of your company. Curb appeal, attractive and well-maintained parking lots and exterior grounds foster a positive image of your business in the minds of your customers.

Creating Curb Appeal

Creating and maintaining curb appeal is challenging for busy retail owners and managers due to hectic schedules and budget constraints. A proactive plan to manage your parking lot, concrete curbing and concrete walkway maintenance is an ideal way to protect your company’s curb appeal and get more mileage from your maintenance budget.

PLS provides a tested and proven process to help retail and commercial businesses plan and implement cost-effective parking lot and concrete maintenance. Our parking lot management solutions save you time and money by extending the life of your parking areas and proactively managing maintenance and parking lot repairs.


PLS Pavement Management Planning protects your investment by allowing you to prioritize and schedule maintenance and repair tasks according to your needs and budget. We do an initial survey and present you with a record describing all concrete and paving repair and maintenance issues. This enables retail and commercial businesses to schedule and budget maintenance and repairs over a specified period of time.
Scheduling & Budgeting

This proactive approach empowers business owners and managers to have a greater control over the cost of parking lot painting, asphalt repairs, concrete curbing and walkway repairs, and more. This stretches your budget farther because minor repairs never become major expenditures. Further savings of time and money result from proactive maintenance because your employees and customers are less likely to suffer accidents on the well-maintained parking areas and walkways. PLS pavement management plans are flexible to cover businesses of all sizes with single or multiple parking lots in any location throughout the Tampa Bay Area and Central Florida.

PLS works with your convenience in mind. Maintenance and repairs are scheduled in stages to reduce inconvenience to your customers and employees. Call today to see what a difference proactive pavement management makes for your business and how improved parking lot conditions and increased curb appeal can help you drive more business.