How to Avoid a Costly Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Avoiding a Costly Slip and Fall Lawsuit

The Tampa Bay Area hustles and bustles with customers, patrons and vendors traveling about engaged in commerce. Busy stores and business’ means busy parking lots filled with people who just might suffer a slip and fall on your property, and this becomes a costly liability to you. PLS can offer expert guidance to help you avoid a costly slip and fall lawsuit. Your parking lot is an extension of your business premises, the law states that you are responsible for taking reasonable precautions to protect your employees and customers from accidental injury.

Some Scary Slip and Fall Statistics

Reported by the National Safety Council and the Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • In the United States alone, over one million people suffer a significant injury due to a slip & fall.
  • An average of 17,000 American die each year from slip and fall injuries.
  • Falling accounts for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits yearly
  • The average cost of a slip and fall injury is $28,000
  • Over 20% of slip and fall accidents result in more than 30 days of missed work
  • Slip and fall injuries are a primary cause for workers compensation claims

Routine Parking Lot Maintenance

Avoid the risk of a costly slip and fall lawsuit and lost revenue by keeping your parking lots, walkways and sidewalks clean and well maintained. Repair any cracks or holes to provide a secure, smooth and even walking surface. Have the walkways and parking lot cleaned regularly to minimize trash and clutter that can cause slip and fall injuries.

Making sure the lot is clean means more than having trash and leaves picked up. The parking lot needs to be regularly inspected to remove slippery spills and fluids that leak from parked vehicles.

Apply Non-slip Paint

Most parking lots have the lines indicating direction and parking spaces repainted periodically. Using paint that includes Sharkgrip nonslip additive is a good way to help prevent liabilities from a slip and fall lawsuit.

Being more accessible to handicapped individuals requires businesses and public buildings to install wheelchair ramps and inclined walkways with the resistance rating of .8 or better. Because these areas are especially prone to slip and fall accidents, it is extremely important to provide them with a safer surface. PLS can apply paint with nonslip additives to keep ramps and other handicapped access ways in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Cost of Being Safe

The cost of routine parking lot maintenance is minimal when compared with the cost of just one slip and fall lawsuit or workers compensation case resulting from slip and fall injuries. Protect your customers, employees and your bottom line. Ask PLS to make your lot safer with Sharkgrip non-slip paint additive. If you would like a Free estimate or additional information how Parking Lot Services of Florida can help you lower your liability exposure and make your parking facility last longer and have greater curb appeal, please call us today at (813) 880-9100.