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How Parking Line Painting Helps Traffic Flow in Parking Lots

Why parking lot striping is important in controlling traffic flow in your parking lot.

Parking lot painting is key in directing traffic and maintaining safety in your parking lot. On the other hand, faded parking line painting is a major safety risk for both drivers and pedestrians. Choosing to restripe your parking lot every 18 to 24 months is recommended in maintaining traffic flow for your parking area. Hiring a company that specializes in parking lot line striping services is always a wise decision to ensure everything is done right.

Here is an overview of how a freshly stripped parking lot helps direct traffic flow.

Increase Safety

One of the biggest reasons to schedule parking lot striping services is that it’s important to the safety of your commercial property. Parking lot markings make it easy for visitors to navigate your parking lot without getting into a major traffic jam or a wreck. An asphalt pavement contractor will also follow the latest regulations in the industry to ensure your parking lot can easily accommodate all types of vehicles.

Boost Curb Appeal

Another benefit of parking line painting is that it will increase the curb appeal of your property. Freshly painted yellow and blue lines are more visually appealing compared to faded colors in an asphalt parking lot. The crisp white yellow painting will also stand out and make it easier to direct the flow of traffic. These freshly painted spaced lines and pavement markings will make a positive impression for anyone that visits your business.

Stay in Compliance

Staying in compliance with local safety codes is essential for any property owner. Fire lanes and stop signs need to be clearly labeled on the parking lot pavement. Meeting ADA guidelines is also critical. On the other hand, faded parking lot lines are a major safety risk that can result in significant fines against your business.

Keeping your parking lot freshly painted every couple of years will keep everything looking great while making it a lot easier for drivers and pedestrians to watch out for each other.

Maximize Available Space

Parking line painting plays a key role in maximizing the available space. An asphalt paving company will map out your parking lot beforehand to make it easy for visitors to navigate your property.

These professionals can also fill in potholes and make asphalt repairs before restriping your parking lot. Making it simple for visitors to find parking spaces will improve the customer experience and limit the chance of any accidents. On the other hand, faded lines can often cause visitors to park in the wrong area.

Decrease Liability

Accidents involving motorists and pedestrians are often more likely to occur in a parking lot with faded lines. Property owners may even be liable for accidents due to these lines not being clearly visible to drivers. Staying proactive by keeping your parking lot freshly painted is key to avoiding all of these issues. Scheduling asphalt crack repairs and sealcoating your parking lot will also create a safer environment and extend the lifespan of your pavement.

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