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Why Proper Parking Lot Drainage is Vital During Hurricane Season

Parking lot drainage is vital to a properly functioning parking lot.

During parking lot construction, special attention needs to be given to the parking lot drainage. When completed in a proper manner, parking lot drainage reduces the moisture content on the asphalt paving surface and the subgrade. That means you’ll never have to deal with pooling issues or fatigue cracking in the future.

If the initial parking lot installation didn’t meet the essential drainage requirements, you could always rectify it during parking lot repairs.

Signs That You Need Parking Lot Drainage Repair

Regular parking lot repairs help you avoid costly liabilities in the long. During these repairs, you can tell that you require parking lot drainage repair when you observe the following signs:

Pooling Water on the Asphalt Surface

Make it a habit to check your parking lot regularly and take note of pooling water on the surface, curb, or manholes. In case you note any of these signs, call a professional asphalt contractor to assess your parking lot drainage system before the problem escalates.

Pooling water on asphalt makes it hard for drivers and pedestrians to use your parking lot. If left unchecked, it can lead to serious asphalt damage. Accumulation of sand residue on the lower parts of the paving indicates that you need drainage repair.

During regular parking lot maintenance, these areas of concern should be addressed:

  • The slope of your asphalt paving- your contractor ensures that your parking lot slope guides water into the drains with enough force to prevent pooling.
  • Parking lot curbing- the aesthetics of your parking lot repair are essential, and the contractor needs to give extra attention to them. During parking lot repair in Tampa, drain water is directed to the grassy areas to make most of the heavy rains.

The disintegration of the Brick and Mortar around the Catch Basins

During hurricane season, the heavy rains are likely to erode the areas around your paving utility hole covers and catch basins. The weight of traffic on your parking lot can cause fast deterioration in these areas. If not repaired on time, these areas can sink suddenly and cause accidents to lot users.

Make sure you check the catch basins and the manholes during your regular parking lot inspection and ensure they’re in good condition.

Benefits of Proper Parking Lot Drainage

Including parking lot drainage repair on your maintenance schedules has numerous benefits like:

  1. Improving the bearing capacity of the parking lot subgrade, and hence the overall safety of your parking lot.
  2. Minimizing parking lot erosion by controlling water flow through better slopes and curb vegetation.
  3. Increasing the overall lifespan of your parking lot and reducing the overall parking lot management cost.
  4. Increase the overall traffic safety by ensuring there’s no pooling water on the asphalt surface. When the surface is wet, there’s reduced friction, making it hard for the drivers to brake when parking.

Get in Touch for Parking Lot Repair Services in Tampa

Poor parking lot drainage can lead to severe damage to your parking lot. You can prevent that from happening by working with Parking Lot Services in Tampa. We also offer other parking lot maintenance services, including asphalt sealcoating in Tampa and asphalt patching and repair. Be sure to get in touch and learn more about our parking lot maintenance services.