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Why Professional Parking Lot Striping is Better than DIY Options

Main advantages of using professional parking lot striping services instead of doing it yourself. One of the most effective ways to improve the appearance of your business is to invest in professional parking lot striping services. Typically, it’s a good idea to stripe your parking lot on an annual basis if it receives heavy traffic. […]


When Should You Schedule Services with Asphalt Sealing Companies?

Find out the best time to use asphalt sealing companies for your parking lot. Asphalt sealcoating plays a key role in keeping your parking lot looking great while also extending its lifespan. Understanding the best time to schedule parking lot sealcoating in Tampa is an excellent way to boost the curb appeal of your business. […]


7 Reasons to Apply Asphalt Coating to Your Commercial Parking Lot

Asphalt coating is important for every parking lot. If you’re like other business owners, you take great pride in all aspects of your commercial property. This pride definitely extends to the appearance and functionality of your parking lot, which is why asphalt sealcoating is a common maintenance procedure for parking lots. The use of asphalt […]


What is an Asphalt Overlay and How Does it Repair a Parking lot?

Lean what an asphalt overlay is and how it can help your parking lot. Asphalt has proven to be such a reliable, durable substance that parking lots can go many years – maybe even two or three decades – before they need to have a substantial repair or full replacement. Eventually, however, elements such as […]


Signs Your Commercial Sealcoating is Holding Up Well

How to know if commercial sealcoating is holding up. Asphalt is durable and the most preferred material when it comes to parking lot and pavement construction. However, just like other petroleum by-products, asphalt is susceptible to harsh weather, gas, and oil spills. Commercial sealcoating helps protect asphalt from damage caused by oil spills and exposure […]


Asphalt Bleeding: How to Repair Bleeding Asphalt in Your Parking Lot

What is asphalt bleeding and how does it affect your parking lot? Asphalt bleeding is a film of asphalt binder that causes a shiny, glass-like reflection on the surface of your asphalt pavement. It occurs when asphalt bits break through the sealcoating of your pavement and accumulate on the surface. Also known as flushing, bleeding […]


PLS is Your Number 1 Resource for Tampa Parking Lot Striping

Work with PLS for Tampa Parking Lot Striping. A parking lot with invisible or fading marking can cause issues such as slowing traffic or accidents. If you note these signs, it’s time to bring your parking lot back to life through the parking lot striping. PLS provides reputable services for your next Tampa parking lot […]


Why Proper Parking Lot Drainage is Vital During Hurricane Season

Parking lot drainage is vital to a properly functioning parking lot. During parking lot construction, special attention needs to be given to the parking lot drainage. When completed in a proper manner, parking lot drainage reduces the moisture content on the asphalt paving surface and the subgrade. That means you’ll never have to deal with […]


Why It’s Important to Remove Oil From Asphalt Parking Lots

Removing oil stains from your parking lot is more than just a cosmetic repair. A clean and well-maintained parking lot is appealing to customers and any person who visits your premises. There’re various parking lot maintenance services that you need to exercise to ensure your asphalt paving lasts long. Cleaning oil stains is particularly essential, […]


Why You Should Invest in Asphalt Contractors

Asphalt contractors are a vital resource when planning parking lot repairs. Asphalt paving improves mobility through your business parking lot. It’s safe for all users and to the environment. By using asphalt in your parking lot, your business will experience cost-efficiency, noise reduction, and ease of maintenance. Hiring professional asphalt contractors helps you add to […]