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Parking Lot Maintenance for Healthcare Facilities

Times are challenging for the healthcare industry. Many healthcare facilities struggle to provide high-quality patient care while suffering from a shortage of qualified staff and shrinking budgets. Busy facility managers find themselves with little time and fewer resources to handle day-to-day operations. The budget crunch coupled with the need to promote patient safety while adhering to ever-stricter ADA codes make it challenging to manage building and parking lot maintenance.

The PLS parking lot maintenance company offers solutions that aid healthcare facility professionals all across Tampa Bay and Central Florida with cost-effective parking lot maintenance and repair management of their parking areas. Our proactive approach promotes greater longevity for asphalt and concrete parking areas. Healthcare facility parking lots maintained by a qualified parking management company do more to comply with the safety codes and help prevent parking lot accidents.

ADA Compliance Parking Lot Maintenance

The safety of your patients is your primary concern and that includes providing safe well-maintained parking lots and concrete access ramps. Also, a well-designed parking area that efficiently directs handicapped individuals safely in and out of your facility.

The ADA regulations specifically describe how parking lots, access ramps and parking lot signs should be constructed and maintained. Failure to comply with the ADA regulations poses a risk to handicapped individuals as well as leaves your facility liable for accident related damages and penalties of up to $500 per day. PLS works hard to stay current with all Americans with Disabilities Act regulations so that we can keep your parking areas compliant.

Flexibility and Convenience

We understand the tight budgets healthcare facility managers have to deal with. Our parking lot maintenance services will provide you with flexible solutions that work within your budget. Our project managers understand the need to work without disrupting traffic flow or restricting access to your patients. We will conduct maintenance and repair projects in stages so that patient parking and access will not be unduly restricted.

Make parking lot maintenance less of a burden. Call our qualified parking lot management professionals today to see what we can do for your healthcare facility. Our staff of professional engineers, project managers and technicians are available to answer your questions. Let us show you how a proactive parking lot maintenance program can save you time and money today.