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Parking Lot Maintenance for Hotels and Restaurants

If you have a commercial facility with a parking lot, then you already understand how important it is to maintain lot appearance to improve functionality and attract customers. Clunky, littered parking lots have less curb appeal and poor lot maintenance and upkeep convey a lack of professionalism and security. Perhaps more importantly, a parking lot with potholes, asphalt crack and broken parking stops is a liability hazard and a potential lawsuit waiting to happen.

Think about where you would rather stay for the night or grab a bite to eat. Would you choose the business with a messy parking lot and treacherous pavement or the neighboring facility with clean and smooth pavement, well-maintained lot lines, uniform curb stops and clear signs? Parking Lot Services of Florida can help make sure that your parking lot maintenance is top-notch and above your competition.

PLS works on the open-communication principle and strives toward transparent exchanges with our clients. A customer always comes first and PLS makes it a key point to listen to our clients’ needs. All professional consultations are done with direct customer involvement and input. Prior to beginning any project, PLS will make sure you are satisfied with a proposal and will not hesitate to address your concerns during any part of the job. As one of Florida’s leading paving contractors, PLS can provide exceptional service for anything involving pavement installation and maintenance. If your facility has a parking lot, here are just some of the services that PLS can provide you:

Parking Lot Maintenance Services

  • Complete asphalt installation and paving
  • Major asphalt repairs (sink hole and pot hole repair)
  • Minor asphalt repairs (cracks, sealing and patch repair)
  • Debris removal
  • Bollard & curb stop installation
  • Concrete installation and repairs
  • Pavement striping and marking

If you have parking lot maintenance needs, then we encourage you to call us at (813) 880-9100. The go-to company for paving throughout Tampa Bay and Central Florida, PLS is ready to provide its stellar services and extensive knowledge to help you manage and maintain all of your lot requirements from ADA Compliance, to increased curb appeal to lowered liability exposure.

Make the best impressions, attract more customers and lower liabilities with Parking Lot Services of Florida on your side!